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The Vechain blockchain is such that it has only been in the crypto community for some years but has achieved quite a lot. The Vechain platform was introduced in 2018 after Vechain moved from the Ethereum blockchain to its network, where VET serves as the native token. Since then, the Vechain network has been working like every other crypto network in the community. It’s impossible to discuss the importance and reasons why an investor should invest in Vechain Thor (VTHO) without analyzing VET and VTHO independently.

The Vechain network has dualistic tokens which are dependent on one another, so, without VTHO, it’s impossible to use the Vechain network and all of its features. The VTHO and VET are currently trading at $0.0076 and $0.10, respectively. Hence, it’s advisable to invest in these tokens. However, the main focus is channeled towards VTHO so, a detailed explanation on why investors should invest in VTHO is exhaustively explained below.

Several individuals have failed to see the “Bitcoin” in VTHO as they’ve only viewed the token as payment for gas and not as a fundamental token on its own. Why lots of users are pumping USD on VET because it has an enticing market cap and more popularity, they forgot it needs its fuel (VTHO) to propel. On the Vechain blockchain, VTHO is the power that ignites the VET, so, without VTHO, VET is as unimportant as it can get. However, you can accumulate VTHO when you buy Vechain, making the tokens more complicated than they appear.

Why should I buy VTHO?

With regard to the first quarter of 2021, several altcoins started off being bullish. Crypto platforms and enthusiasts predicted 2021 as altcoin season, meaning several altcoins will break resistances and hit all-time highs. Contrary to this, some altcoins have, since the beginning of the year, suffered backwardness, and as a result, contemplation have consumed lots of traders and investors whether to hodl some more or sell their holdings. The same issue is what VTHO is having, and it has posed the question of “Is VTHO a solid investment?” currently, most altcoins are losing their grips, and it seems we are slowly slipping into the bear season. So, why should I buy VTHO?

● It’s affordable:

If there’s any consolation to the seeming bear season. It’s the fact that the price of VTHO is pocket-friendly. It’s cheap to accumulate as many as you can. With $500, for instance, you can accumulate as many VTHO as possible. However, since VET could also earn you VTHO, it’s advisable to buy Vechain hodl for as long as possible in other to receive VTHO. Although VTHO can also be gotten independently, VTHO is still very affordable to accumulate, depending on which form it takes. Since you can accumulate more VTHO than buy VET to get VTHO, it’s much more advisable and technically advisable to invest in VTHO.

As mentioned earlier, the Vechain exercises the dualistic kind of token, and they have dependent properties. One token depends on the other for survival, and in this case, it’s VET depending on VTHO. Instead of buying VET to accumulate VTHO, you can buy VTHO independently. It’s more like buying BUSD and not buying BNB. On most platforms and wallets, BNB is the fuel for BUSD, and in this case, BUSD is a stable coin while the fuel, BNB, is an expensive altcoin.

● Price prediction:

As of the time of this post, VTHO is trading at $0.0075. However, there have been exciting predictions about the possible price of the token before or by the end of the year. Note that, although holding VTHO is like dividends while VET is the stock, it doesn’t explain why the price of VET is currently above VTHO. Nonetheless, it’s worthy of note that since the beginning of this year, VTHO has seen several bullish movements, which are immediately follow by corrections and consolidations. Hence, this predicts that the VTHO market is gradually becoming competitive. With the ongoing reduction in Bitcoin’s dominance and the upward movement of most altcoins, coupled with the improvement in the Vechain network, we might be seeing VTHO take some bold steps towards a significant bull run before the end of the year.

If that’s the case, then VTHO is targeted at surpassing its all-time high of $0.042 this 2021. However, this might be impossible if it doesn’t break the seemingly psychological resistance. The predicted bull run price of VTHO for 2021 is around $0.075. However, it could surpass our imagination if investors and institutions sides with the bull run alongside mainstream coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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