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Why preschools are the best way to start your child on their education

It’s never too early to start learning. The Singaporean government has imposed a strict framework that outlines what and how much your child should learn in their early years of development to prepare them for primary school. A good preschool will provide learning in many areas, such as Math, English, and Science, and have a healthy social environment with lots of opportunities for play!

Why preschools are the best way to start your child on their educational journey

Preschools are the best way to start your child on their educational journey. You can help them in all sorts of ways, and this is especially important when they are young, and it’s the time to build a good foundation for them.

Here are the most commonly-asked questions that parents have about preschools:

Can I send my child to preschool two or more days a week?

Yes, many parents send their children to preschool just one or two days a week instead of five because they don’t want their children to miss out on socializing with other kids at school. The government doesn’t recommend that you do this, but if you feel comfortable sending your child only one or two days per week, then more power to you! Sometimes, it’s not feasible for working parents to send their children to school five days a week.

Why does the government impose this framework?

The government imposes this framework because it knows that Singaporean children must have a solid foundation to succeed and prosper in later years of schooling. Your child needs to learn how to work hard, play hard, and build habits early on to be successful students when they begin primary school. Children who develop good study habits at this young age will continue these habits through primary school and into secondary and even tertiary education! If you need to find the best preschool, you should consider this.

Should I worry about my preschooler missing out on socializing with other kids?

This is very unlikely as many schools organize activities where all preschoolers come together and have fun together. Preschoolers in Singapore are typically very well socialized by the time they get to be six or seven years old and are ready for primary school!

How can I help my preschooler at home?

You can talk to your child at home and encourage them when they get something wrong, telling them that mistakes happen and that everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn’t scold them if they do make a mistake. It builds their resilience levels when you praise them on something they’ve done correctly or with effort. Make sure that you listen to your child and take an interest in the things which they tell you – try not to seem bored as it will discourage them from talking to you about things which interest them! Please encourage them to help you around the house, such as helping you with chores or putting away their toys. Make sure that your child is getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet.

How does a good preschool provide learning in many different areas like math, English, and science, well as having a healthy social environment with lots of play opportunities:

If you’re choosing a preschool for your child, you’ll want to make sure that the school will provide the right environment and opportunities for your child. You may speak with the teachers at the schools you’re considering, and they should be happy to answer any questions you have about their teaching methods. As long as your preschool provides a healthy social environment and has tutors who are well-educated in their knowledge base, then this is not an issue!

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