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Flowers are probably the only things found everywhere. You go to a lake and notice some lilies floating; you go to the desert and see beautiful Chilopsis blooming.

You attend a wedding, and the bride is holding a bouquet, and in a funeral, you notice a flower wreath sitting on the casket. On Valentine’s Day, you get a flower, and on your birthday too.

With flowers being centerpieces of almost all events, you must get fresh, beautifully assorted, and affordable flower arrangements for your circumstances. That’s why Serangoon Flower Shop is here for you.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Flowers

  • Pricing: Price plays a pivotal role when it comes to choosing the best flower for any occasion. Therefore, before you make any purchase, shop around and compare prices. Although prices may vary from one store to another, only go for a florist who offers quality at an affordable amount.
  • Payment Option: If you opt for an online purchase, choosing a reputable company is vital, and the payment option offered should be secure. Taking this into consideration ensures that you’re protected against any potential data loss or fraudsters.
  • Delivery Options: Before making any purchase, you should confirm the delivery policies and options available, especially if you’re shopping online. Find out if the store can deliver to your address and what that will cost you, and the timeline it will take.
  • Substitution Policy: Get to understand the delivery service policies when dealing with substitutes in the event of supply challenges.

Flower Arrangements for different occasions

A lovely bouquet can do a lot more than looking good. They can help convey feelings, gratitude, admiration, and affection. Couple a good arrangement with the perfect flower selection and lasting fragrances, and you will be walking away with one of Serangoon flower Shop flower arrangements.

The best flower arrangements offered at different stores include;

  • Horizontal arrangements: a variety of our flower collections in rows and zigzag patterns to create an impeccable visual design.

  • Crescent arrangements: just like the moon, you get a crescent-shaped flower basket. The design features a curved shaped flower stem that forms the peak of the crescent. You will notice stem fillers, glossy flowers, and plants with flexible stems in there.

  • Oval arrangements: come with the brightest flowers in the middle and fillers and greeneries around the edges. The beautiful bouquet is then laid into a flower basket and filled for a thick and dense look.

  • As the name implies, Triangular arrangements have tall flowers at the center, with negative slopes on both ends.

Where to shop for flowers in Singapore

You do not need to walk hundreds of miles to find a flower shop with your favorite flowers in today’s world. You can get flowers from;

1. Online Store

Suppose you’re looking for flowers for a wedding, birthday party, inaugural ceremony, or other events in Singapore- you can call in and order a bouquet from Serangoon flower Shop and have it delivered to the specified location the same day.

2. Local Store

If you’re not a fan of online shopping, then we bet walking into your local stores provides the better option, especially when looking for fresh flowers.

Final Thoughts

Flowers are essential in communication; even the Greeks held so much importance in them that they associated them with gods. So, when you want to gift someone with flowers, let Serangoon flower shop worry about the little details for you.

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