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August Alsina remained in the public eye for almost a decade. But he recently made headlines when he revealed he and Will Smith’s wife had been having an affair for years. The news highlighted thereafter a few days the release of the latest album of Alsina. Look here at what the interplay and time off have done to the net value of August Alsina.

Anthony Jr. born in New Orleans on September 3, 1992. Before his family moved to Houston, he went to school there through middle school. Alsina and his mother moved to Houston shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck in search of a new beginning. Afterward, Alsina and his mother did not get along after his father died. Finally, his mother asked him to leave the house. 

Jada Pinkett Smith relationship

On 30 June 2020, Alsina declared that Will Smith had got permission to be with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith romantically. The report is in French only. A representative for Pinkett Smith issued a statement on the claims the following day, which he referred to as “absolutely not true.” The following: But Jada revealed she had a romantic relationship with Alsina four and a half years ago. But she separated from Will, in an episode in her lecture Red Table Talk, next to Will Smith on July 10th. She said she “went into another kind of coincidence with August.”

Initial Career

Alsina started uploading YouTube videos at 14. He had a cover for a Lyfe Jennings song for the first time. His talents continued to flourish. Following the shooting and killing of his brother in 2010, he took his musical career seriously. To focus on it, he moved to Atlanta.
Finally, Alsina was launched in April 2012 for the first mixtape, The Product. Then he debuted just one year later his single most popular song, I Luv This Sh*t. He has appeared on several hit songs since and has also released many mixtapes of his own.

Start of Publications

Since 2017, the artist has worked on a new blend, which finally published on 26 June 2020. That was just four days before Alsina revealed he had an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. He then partnered with fellow rapper Rick Ross to release an Entanglements song, which refers to how Jada viewed the relation.

Alsina flashes over the years, like many other R&B and hip-hop artists. Indeed, last year he was expelled from his home. Because he could not afford the rent. At that time, he was under debt of $20,000 in rental payments. In 2016, when his career was still high, Alsina took out the rent. But he hasn’t worked so much since then.

Net worth of August Alsina

In 2020, they estimated the net value of August Alsina about 4 million dollars. His musical career and support deals, namely Beats by Dre, has given him a great deal of wealth. He’s also famous for his work on risky young people’s programs. August Alsina’s estimated net worth for the year 2021 is unknown. In 2021, August Alsina’s revenue will be $21.6K. It’s a rough estimate that could range from $21K to $27.8K.

January 2021$4.3K -$5.6K
February 2021$4.7K -$6.2K
March 2021$6.2K -$8.2K
April 2021$5.8K -$7.7K

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