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What is digitization?

There are many reasons why people are switching to digital technology, including because most people have already done so. You may have noticed that your bank is providing electronic statements or that your energy company is switching to electronic bills. You can of course stick to the old ways, but society as a whole is moving towards a digital future, so it’s in your best interest to keep up with the times. Companies and households all over the world are going through a digital transformation phase. Whole business models are based on digital technologies, which is not surprising as it provides a number of benefits, listed below.

  • Access to your documents from any device

If you forgot an important letter at home or did not send yourself a scanned copy of a document by email, you no longer need to worry. Save documents online with Dropbox, so you can access them from anywhere. Your Dropbox account can be accessed from your phone, PC or tablet, and the documents you need are always at your fingertips. You can keep working with them even offline.

  • Ease of document exchange

Think about social media and how an uploaded image is instantly available to anyone who wants a copy: this is an example of successful digitization of documents. Gone are the days when you had to pay for each copy of a photograph. And then you had to pay again for the reprint in order to present the photo to a friend. Digital documents are easy to share, edit and collaborate on.

  • Environmentally friendly and compact

As everything moves online, printers are increasingly fading into the background. This means you will not have to waste paper on printing documents unnecessarily or throw away sheets due to blurry printing. It will also save money for you, your company or your household in the long run, as printer toner is worth its weight in gold today.

  • Greater safety

You can have a wonderful filing cabinet for filing documents sorted by date and time, but what if something happens to that filing cabinet or the documents stored in it? Whether it’s a house fire, a burglar or just a spilled cup of coffee, it means one thing: don’t keep important documents in a single copy. Always make digital backups of all documents, including photographs of the past. In addition, there is no safer way to store documents as digital technology provides cybersecurity with password protection.

  • Ease of systematization

You may be the most organized person in the world, but even the best filing system is unlikely to be as effective as digital. The Quick Search feature lets you find a document by file name, but Dropbox has taken it a step further with optical character recognition (OCR) technology . This smart technology searches the digitized data of your scanned documents, recognizing words and matching them to your search query.

Digitization is the future

New digital solutions usually replace old ones, so when such solutions appear, their implementation will be much easier if you are already familiar with the basic concept. Think back to how easy you went from CDs to music streaming. It used to be possible to use both options, as PCs and car radios provided a smooth transition thanks to CD players with Aux-In connectors. Nowadays, you can hardly find a CD player, with an MP3 player built into your phone, e-book reader or fitness bracelet.

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