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There is a growing demand for interactive web and apps design with a user-friendly experience. The AngularJS framework helps to develop apps with easy and comfortable user interface to this demand, it also may increase the amount of new customers and to retain already existing ones. With such an approach it helps to grow your business and to widen the horizons of your working space. What is more, with development in AngularJS it becomes possible to devise web and mobile development solutions with rather innovative design and multifunctional features. AngularJS development

Imagine that you have a big potential, ambitions and want to create or to invest money in something that will be useful, feature-rich and in demand for a long time, but you are in search of ideas. Well, you’re lucky to read this article as I offer you a list of eight great ideas you can use for AngularJS development.

Video Streaming Apps

Though YouTube has captivated the sphere of the video streaming in the whole Internet, that doesn’t mean that you have no chance to invade the web space with your own sort of video product.

For example, you can create an outstanding and super comfortable website which will consist of an enormous library of movies of different genres. Another idea is to make a competition for the famous TikTok video app, that is now on its peak of popularity. Besides, due to the recent news, it has now been banned on the USA territory, so why not create a similar product that will be aimed particularly at the United States?

Just to add, YouTube’s app for Sony PS3 was established with AngularJS. One more archetype of a video clip streaming application using AngularJS is famous all over the world Netflix.

User-Review Applications

In fact, Internet users are currently extremely keen on reviewing evaluations concerning a service or product before buying it. Don’t you read comments before you buy a laptop, jeans or, for example, lipstick? Of course you do. That helps you to be sure about what you are investing your cash in.  AngularJS can skillfully sustain such kinds of applications. You can develop review applications for various reasons: films, food, clothes, cosmetics, technical equipment, building materials, etc.

Travel Applications

AngularJS’s dynamic attributes can be an excellent match for travelling applications. Offline maps, tourist guides, apps where people can book plane/bus tickets and hotels, applications with price lists concerning each country of the world, offline dictionaries with common phrases on different topics on every language – sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It would also be great to develop the app where the travellers can download all the scans of their documents, so that they wouldn’t worry that they will accidentally lose them.

In this case, the horizons of ideas are almost unlimited. Just try to put yourself in the place of the traveller and think what could make the travelling routine easier and more safe.

Climate Apps

No doubt that there is a huge amount of weather forecast applications already. is among the most prominent ones in the world. No secret that it has also been developed with the help of AngularJS framework.

But you can do your best and create a weather app with a lot of new interesting features. For example, notifications not to forget an umbrella before the rain starts or to wear a jacket because of the windy weather.

It would be cool to develop, for instance, a widget that will be located on the home screen. Analyze other existing climate apps and create the best of the possible ones.

Individual Generated Material Portals

AngularJS can also be useful for creating apps that offer user-generated content. For example, It is a platform for employers to post their tasks they pay for. This website is constructed using AngularJS.

I suppose that all of us are familiar with global platforms such as Pinterest, Medium or russian development called Cup. After registration, you indicate the topics that might interest you and then the app offers you articles, photos, posts especially for you.

You can create an app where users should pass a certain test to indicate the sphere of their interests and after that they will receive recommendations what film to watch, what book to read or what country or city to visit next time. If this idea seems good to you, concentrate first on your own desires in order to understand what individual material portal app would be the best solution for users who are in search of different recommendations.


Electronic commerce or eCommerce is actually the process of buying and selling products or services, making money transfers, and transferring data over an electronic medium (Internet). This network allows people to do business without the constraint of distance and time. Different popular eCommerce sites have been create with AngularJS, so yours can be the next one.

Mobile Commerce

Under mobile commerce I mean applications that provide online shopping. MallZee is one of the preferred examples of a shopping application that has been developed with the use of AngularJS.

To bring this idea to life, you can, for example, make a deal with one of the shops or even shopping centers in your city and offer them to create an app special for their production. This will definitely increase the customers’ engagement not only from your city, but most likely from all over the country, so you have to think about the delivery and online payment issues.

Social Apps

The famous example of the social app developed in the AngularJS is LinkedIn. It is a platform for anyone who is looking for navigation of their professional life. This includes small business owners, students, and job seekers. You can use LinkedIn to display your resume, search for jobs, and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other people.

You can develop the app with almost the same features but aim it on the people of your region. I think that it would be great to gather talented entrepreneurs into one membership. This online platform can then be transfer to the offline space that will provide live communication between people.


Well, as you can see, there are so many possibilities to build up good and feature-rich applications using AngularJS. I hope that these 8 ideas gave you inspiration and motivation to move on and to change this world for the better. AngularJS development

Success in all of your beginnings!

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