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The UK has some of the best colleges in the world alongside countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain. It is a country that has a good reputation when it comes to academic excellence on top of the historic castles, culture, and building one will experience and see as an international student.

To be accepted for a course in the UK, one must be able to show proficiency in the English language because courses are taught in that language. This article will look at 7 colleges in the UK that are ideal for international students.

University of Oxford

Arguably one of the most well-known universities in the world alongside Havard, the University of Oxford has been around for decades and attracts top students from across the world. It has over 44 colleges and has one of the highest entry standards in the world. Some students have to hire academic writing services to help them with their applications.

Located in the lovely city of Oxford, the colleges house both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying the over 250 courses on offer. Some very famous faces like Hugh Grant and Stephen Hawking have all graduated from Oxford University. It is not just them, but more than 30 world leaders, and 50 Nobel prizewinners, have also graduated from Oxford.

University of Cambridge

Just like the university above, Cambridge is also a famous university that has 31 colleges and is located an hour away from London. There are over 9000 members of staff and 19,000 students across their various colleges which is more than most educational systems across the world.

When people mention the University of Cambridge, one of the first things that come to mind is excellence in mathematics. Over 117 Nobel prizewinners have graduated from Cambridge, and it is extremely competitive to get accepted. Some notable graduates include David Attenborough, actress Olivia Colman and biologist Charles Darwin.

Imperial College London

Third on the list is Imperial College London and when it comes to business, science, engineering, technology, and medicine, it is amongst one of the highest-ranked in the world. Its history goes as far back as 1907 and today, it has over 8000 members of staff and 17,000 students from 125 countries.

Some of the people that have graduated from this college have gotten a bit of help with their papers from online writing services and have gone on to do some amazing things in the world of science. Its main campus is located in Royal Borough of Kensington while other campuses are spread across the city.

University College London

University College London is famous for being the first to accept students irrespective of their religion, race, or class. Its main campus is located in the area of Bloomsbury in the heart of London and to be enrolled, candidates must show a strong command of the English language and good grades.

Close to half the students that are registered at this college are from Asia, with a handful of them coming from European and African countries. Some famous faces to come out of University College London include Coldplay.’ Chris Martin, Alexander Graham who is known to have invented the telephone, and Mahatma Gandhi.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Out of all the colleges and universities on this list, the London School of Economics and Political Science has the highest number of international students. Just over 70% of their students are from countries outside the UK, which is an amazing statistic.

It mainly specializes in politics, history, economics, law, and philosophy courses and has many Nobel Prize winners for economics amongst its graduates. Its campus is located in Clare Market and is also known to have a strict enrollment process with an acceptance rate of 7% for postgraduate courses in the subjects mentioned above. Assignments at this college can be tough for first-year students, luckily, they can enlist the help of essay services to pass their papers.

King’s College London

The City of London has so many top-rated colleges and universities, and this is up there with the very best. It is well known for being the major center for things like dentistry, health care education, and nursing. Another thing King’s College London is known for is Biomedical research, as far as the UK is concerned, it is the only World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The college has 5 campuses across the City of London, and they all provide top-quality education working alongside the British Museum, Shakespeare Globe, and more. Students who have graduated from King’s College London have nothing but positive things to say about the educational institute, with many crediting it for helping them find their dream job.

University of Edinburgh

Last on the list is the University of Edinburgh and according to many researchers, it is one of the oldest in the UK. Known as the “Athens of the North” this university has put Scotland and the city of Edinburgh on many people’s radar. It has 3 colleges, over 20 schools, and 5 campuses under its umbrella and is ranked number one in the UK for informatics research and medicine.

Courses that are on offer include Arts, humanities and social science, medicine and veterinary science,  and science and engineering. Aside from excelling academically, many of the graduates from the University of Edinburgh also do well in sports, independent publication, and performing arts.

All the universities and colleges that have made this list are some top-rated and leading institutions in the world, and are high on many international students’ lists when they decide to study in the UK. More than half a million international students each year apply to study in the UK because they know getting a degree from a UK college or university boosts their chances of getting employed quicker once they graduate.

Living in the UK is exciting for international students because the food is amazing, the transport system is effective, and they can meet people from all corners of the globe. When a student is thinking about taking a break from their studies, they can hire a paper writing service to do their work for them while they enjoy things like sporting events and music festivals.

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