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Recently, in the selection and management of personnel, the importance of efficiency and effectiveness of work has increased. However, if a failure is looming on the horizon, it is customary to urgently look for the extreme and appoint the guilty from among the ordinary employees of the company. Continue reading below mistakes in personnel management.

  • Lack of training

Employee training is an important investment in the future of your business. Providing onboarding training will help your employees get involved in the workflow and understand which skills can bring the most value to the company.

Hurry to hire and quick promotions.

Rushing to recruit and promote employees can cause serious problems. Before you hire someone, consider whether you need employees. Spend a few hours writing your job description. This will save you a lot of time in the future. Many people would not hesitate to hire candidates with impressive skills and track records, but remember that their characteristics should be tailored to your needs. Even the best employee may need additional training and support when transferring to a managerial position.

  • Undocumented layoffs

Written policies and standards define the boundaries of what is permitted and govern the actions of employees. Any violations of the established procedure should also be documented. At first glance, it may seem like a misdemeanour record is a waste of time, but later this document can be used as an argument for dismissal, citing poor performance.

  • Lack of complete information about employees

To comply with legal regulations, it is very important to keep all employees’ documents in their files.

  1. Outdated employee manuals

Here is another mistake in personnel management you need to know. Any company, even the smallest one, should have an up-to-date employee manual. If you do not reflect all the existing rules in the white paper, you are in serious trouble.

Any guidance describing acceptable behaviour will be helpful to your staff. In addition, the manual should be updated every two years, and employees should be asked to sign an agreement confirming that they have read and agree to follow the rules.

  • The wrong problem for the wrong employee 

How often do HRs, heads of departments or top managers think about the psychological types of the employee’s personality? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a little less often than never. First of all, attention is focused on the achievements, skills and regalia of a potential candidate. In this case, the organization of thinking and temperament features are taken out of the brackets.

One company urgently needed a service sales manager. A promising candidate soon took the vacant position: excellent resume, gorgeous appearance, excellent education. But no one paid attention to the fact that she did not meet with clients; all communication took place by mail, skype, phone. The very first business meeting ended with the collapse and breakdown of the multimillion-dollar contract: it was physically difficult for the manager to communicate face to face with strangers for a long time. This behaviour is typical for all introverts. And, if they can cope with communication at a distance, then personal meetings for such people are incredible moral stress. Learning will not help here: the introvert will remain constrained and squeezed.


The above are mistakes in personnel management you should know, as explained in this article. You can find out ways to fix such mistakes. First, ensure you have understood all those rules.

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