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It’s no secret that the number of network attacks is steadily growing. Every day there are about 1000 of them, but it is almost impossible to count their number in a year.

The attacks target a wide variety of network resources – from the site of a local provider to a federal-scale (undercover) trade network of land and nuclear power plants.

First of all, all this is necessary for people: mere mortals who decided to order pizza, and not send their card details to someone who knows where; ordinary pizzeria owners who are not worried that someone was able to learn how to order pizza through their application for free; simple developers who don’t have to edit the code at 3 a.m.

1. Primarily, the user benefits from the safe surfing of the site. If there is no need to worry that your personal data may leak into the network, then you will trust the resource more. And if the user is happy, then the owner of the web resource is also happy (and the more happy he is, the less risks he has of losing finances).

2. The results of such audits can (and must) be used to improve the information security management system. It is clear that this result is achievable only if we correctly interpret the data obtained and assume as many as possible the most probable and possible attack options.

3. The value of testing is the ability to simulate the sequence of actions performed by a potential attacker in conditions that are as close to reality as possible. This allows you to identify the most vulnerable spots in the information system, analyze the causes and consequences of a successful attack (if it was implemented), and also check the reliability of existing protection mechanisms in general.

4. The security testing shows the real state of security, which, unfortunately, in most cases is radically different from that described in the documents.

5. There is no matter if the company bid or small. As a rule, small organizations with their own website and a small server with Bitrix think that they are too small to become a target for an attack. And in this they are mistaken. In the current time of neural networks and rampant automation, no one will find out whether a company has a large cash turnover. The main thing is the number of unique visitors, because in total their pockets may have more “chips” than the company receives in a year.

6. The testing result is an expert decision with a list of all identified vulnerabilities and a detailed action plan to eliminate them and ensure the protection of company resources from attacks. Want to learn more about experts and results?

7. The interests of the developer are to maximize profits from the sale of the developed software, minimize efforts in developing software, and provide guarantees for their business. The interests of users are to minimize costs and maximize the effect of using the developer’s software, as well as providing guarantees for their business. As a result, various kinds of threats appear in the field of PCB operation, both from the PCB manufacturer and from the user.

8. Force majeure (power outages, hardware errors, errors in the implementation of the technologies used, etc.).

In this case, the problem of ensuring safety and security is very closely intersected with the problem of ensuring the reliability and recoverability of the software, its data and components.

9. Certain types of activities require confirmation of compliance with certain safety standards and legal acts: payment system operators, virtual server providers, etc. There are more and more such standards every year, and each of them requires safety testing.

10. There are companies that have already been hacked and companies that have not been hacked yet. In practice, it is a matter of time. The right companies, which spend a significant part of their profits on security, is the normal order of things for the entire civilized world. In our country, unfortunately, they haven’t come to this yet, believing that “our hut is on the edge”, an undergraduate student is quite capable of setting up one item and prohibiting access to internal resources from outside.

Remember, everyone is vulnerable. And everyone is aware of this risk. And everyone thinks that this is not about him. A reluctance to acknowledge risks leads to undesirable consequences.

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