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Drag racing champion Barbara Roufs from the US, unfortunately passed on in January 1991. She is perhaps of the most staggering competitor who filled in as motivation for the opposition.

An American Drag Race Prize Young lady was brought into the world in 1944 in Southern California. That nation is the home of Barbara.

She is popular as a young lady with extraordinary excellence. Also, Barbara has fundamentally expanded the gathering’s imperativeness and bliss.

In 1991, Barbara died. Around then, she was 47 years of age. You can find out about her work, riches, and marriage in this short account. Consequently, Barbara Roufs story and the explanations behind her death are momentarily summed up underneath.

What Was The Existence Of Barbara Roufs Before Death?

At the point when the drag racing industry had created from the prime of the 1960s, Barbara Roufs entered as a prize young lady toward the start of the 1970s. The later model had supplanted the more seasoned model of vehicles. While the old dragsters change to fuelers with the driver’s seat situated behind the motor. Over the long haul, auto texts have improved. Consequently, the giveaways for the race members likewise developed. It incorporates, the ladies’ hair stretched, their shorts contracted, and their bras consumed.

Be that as it may, Barbara was the ideal prize young lady in light of her long fixed hair, breezy opportunity tanks, and rare 1960s go boots. Just ladies with Barbara Roufs’ level, constitution, and excellence would be appropriate for that job during the Expert Dragster Affiliation time in the city of California. Subsequently, she made a standing for herself by carrying fervor and imperativeness to the races.

How Was The Expert Existence Of Roufs?

In the last option part of the 1960s and mid 1970s, Roufs performed being a drag racing prize young lady. At the Orange Region Global Raceway‘s 6th yearly the US Proficient Dragster Championship, she ruled. Further, Barbara was likewise the PDA (Proficient Dragster Affiliation) champion in 1973.

Regardless of being older, Barbara was a number one of the racers and onlookers. Her allure made her valuable among makers and different organizations hoping to advertise their merchandise to drag racing fans. Accordingly Barbara got such an excess of popularity that her face could undoubtedly be found in commercials and on shirts as well. Numerous for giving the drag races life credited her.

She assumed a pivotal part as drag racing contest changed during the 1970s from its prime during the 1960s. Also, racers were changing out their obsolete models for fresher ones with additional strong motors. Barbara Roufs gave the victors prizes. However, what made her a commonly recognized name in the PDA was her astounding excellence.

Does Barbara Have A Family?

Barbara had one youngster and was hitched. Fly Dougherty is the name of the kid she had at 29 years old. Besides, the personality of Roufs’ better half is as yet a secret.

Everybody was staggered in 2016 when popular picture taker Tom West distributed old photographs of Barbara Roufs’ girl.

Stream Dougherty shared several her mom’s memories on Facebook. Despite the fact that she guaranteed that, her life had been unfortunately short. It had been full and invigorating. By the by, Fly expected to find genuine bliss once she saw her mom on the web.

Besides, Roufs granddaughter Precious stone Dougherty, who was additionally thrilled to see the photographs, composed the accompanying. She saw that she perceives her actual fascination and is sure.

How Did Barbara Roufs Life Finished?

Barbara’s little girl Fly referenced the 1991 end of her mom. However, Self destruction was the justification for Roufs death. Nonetheless, the inspiration driving the self destruction’s execution stayed obscure.

She was 47 when she kicked the bucket. Before she died, Barbara lived in Fresno, California, with her loved ones.

What Was The Net Worth Of Barbara Before Death?

Barbara spent the 1970s demonstrating and filling in as a drag race prize young lady. At that point, it was not satisfactory how much cash the prize young ladies got. Be that as it may, she brought in cash through pay rates. Online retailers give a portion of Barbara’s famous 1970s pictures. Her assessed net worth was $1.5 million.


Southern California-conceived drag racing champion Barbara Roufs was likewise a model. Nonetheless, she became well known during the 1970s while drag racing made new cars famous. Roufs additionally separated herself from the other prize young ladies because of her age, which was 29. Furthermore, her unmistakable appearance included wide fixed hair and 1960s go boots. Tragically, Roufs ended it all in January 1991.

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