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Being annoyed with the whole back-and-forth fiasco you experience with emailing companies, customers, and even colleagues is an entirely valid thing to say. But, unfortunately, it’s a widespread occurrence! “But it’s reliable and has been around longer, so that’s what I know what to use!” Well, too bad, because something more accessible and way more beneficial is just around the corner, and you should be chasing its tail!

The one thing you’re probably overlooking when it comes to communicating with a cast number of people in your audience, in your office space, and among your professional partners is texting! Sure, it may seem informal, but it allows for some semi-formality and gives you a sense of closeness that would boost communication in projects!

Not to mention how plenty of customers would love to be able to communicate with their favorite businesses in a much simpler way! Suppose you have a higher level of intimacy when it comes to your customers and colleagues. In that case, communication within your company and communication with your customers will be so much smoother – giving you a better hand to deal with than other businesses.

Weave Business Texting

Weave business texting functions the same as what Facebook messenger, telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber would be like. However, your “contacts” would be more of(but not limited to) consumers, patients, and both customers and employees! You’re well aware of how those messengers work, so using Weave’s business texting will be a breeze for you. How much easier would it be when it comes to your customers who’re on their phones all day?

You should try to cut back on all of the unnecessary formality when communicating with one another. It just starts to get frustrating, especially since there are some underhanded ways to “talk smack” to someone, especially when sending emails.

The Things Weave’s Business Texting Can Offer

Wanting to chat and talk with your patrons is a good thing since you can get your reviews and opinions directly from them. Losing the formality and getting loads of familiarity would make the whole communication process so much easier! Also, unlike the delay you would get when sending emails, you can use business texting to communicate with the other party in real-time, so any issues and inquiries can be solved so much faster!

Scheduling Appointments Faster

Real-time chatting shines a lot when it comes to wanting your appointments scheduled! Neither you nor your customer would need to wait around and bounce emails back and forth, nor would you need to deal with poor connectivity if you reach out to them via phone calls! If you even program the app to send some automated messages to remind people if they have appointments for the day or if they need to make one for the next available meeting!

Suppose you would still want to go for the phone call method of contacting your patrons. In that case, you could program the app to send a message for when you’d like to have that call with them, or maybe even a reminder set for 5 minutes before you call them. Then, it would be less of a hassle for them to find a good time for them to sit and talk over the phone.

Increase Familiarity With Clients, Customers, and Patients

If you treat “familiarity” like it’s something you can gain within a video game, then that would probably be a good start since that’s what it would feel like anyway. However, suppose you do gain some familiarity with your patrons. In that case, they’re more likely to speak freely about their opinions and possibly even some things that you can improve upon your business!

In the long run, you could be in some sort of borderline symbiotic relationship with your clients, customers, and patients where you’re going to need them, and they’re going to need you. You’ll need them to help better your business, and they’ll need you for the services and goods that you’re selling to them!

Share Information With The Masses Much Easier

What else could you be sending en masse to your patrons if not for the things that would benefit them? You know the sort, limited events, promos, sales, and other special offers! In addition, though that would probably be the thing they’ll look forward to the most, you could send them any updates about any changes you’ll make.

Why Get Weave Business Texting

Wouldn’t you want to extend your reach and target audience to sell your goods and provide your services? Sure, you could have an excellent emailing system in place, as well as a solid cold calling system, but transitioning to the new norm of text messaging would be beneficial for more than just you! Texting is great for customer reach since everyone’s on their phones could also improve customer interaction!


Suppose you’re still unsure how your business will benefit from using something like a business texting application. In that case, you could try it out for yourself first! Weave offers a trial period for anyone interested in using their app. You can experience what benefits you’ll reap firsthand. Getting that trial period would be great for you since you’ll get to know your way around the app!

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