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Have you found out about the well known Korean webtoon That Which Flows? In the event that not, you’re in for a thrilling disclosure. This romantic fantasy series will clear you away to a universe of magic and adventure. You follow Yeon, a princess with strange controls over the progression of energy, as she explores castle interest and experiences a puzzling magician who sees past her illustrious title. All of a sudden, you’ll be gorge perusing to see whether Yeon can dominate her capacity and track down affection simultaneously. With beautiful craftsmanship, complex characters, and a dash of humor, That Which Flows will catch your creative mind. So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Make a plunge and let the story divert you. You can say thanks to us later!

Outline of That Which Flows by Manhwa

That Which Flows is a famous Manhwa (Korean manga) series set in a fantasy world with magic and adventure.

The Story

The story follows Yeon, a youthful water mage who joins an organization to improve his abilities. Yeon was brought into the world with a natural gift for magic, especially controlling water. He joins the Gilde, where individuals with magical capacities test their abilities and go on adventures.

Yeon collaborates with a fire mage named Lisesharte, an energetic young lady with a touchiness, and an earth mage named Jueki. Together, they take on missions for the society, utilizing their natural magic to help the residents.

  • Yeon is mindful and gallant, continuously ready to help other people out of luck. His water magic permits him to go after adversaries and mend partners.
  • Lisesharte is lively and obstinate. Her fire magic is valuable for both offense and safeguard.
  • Jueki is quiet and sensible. His earth magic can control the actual ground, making boundaries or catching adversaries.

The threesome goes on adventures, makes new companions, and fights foes that compromise the realm. Aficionados of the fantasy and adventure kinds will certainly appreciate following Yeon and his companions on their missions in the magical universe of That Which Flows. The beautiful workmanship and amiable characters make this an engaging Manhwa for all ages.

Assuming you’re searching for a charming new series to plunge into, look no farther than That Which Flows. This unconventional Manhwa has magic, humor, and heart – all that you really want for a great venture to a different universe.

The Story and Key Characters of That Which Flows

The story follows Yuri, a young lady who can see “lines of stream” around her that address predetermination and destiny. She can control these lines to change individuals’ prospects. In any case, she battles with the ethical ramifications of changing predetermination and frequently needs to confront unexpected outcomes of her activities.

  • Yuri is the primary person, a secondary school young lady who was brought into the world with the ability to see the lines of stream encompassing individuals and influence their predetermination. She needs to utilize her capacity to help other people yet battles with the morals of controlling destiny.
  • Takahiro is Yuri’s lifelong companion who she frequently changes the predetermination of to safeguard him. He really focuses profoundly on Yuri however knows nothing about her capacity. His line of stream is frequently tangled, showing his life is brimming with hardship.
  • The Lines of Stream address an individual’s fate. Yuri is the one in particular who can see these lines, addressed as tangled colorful strands encompassing a person. By controlling the strands, Yuri can change an individual’s future way, no matter what.
  • Yuri’s Capacity permits her to unravel, divert, or even cut off an individual’s line of stream. Be that as it may, there are unexpected results each time she changes fate. She begins to address whether she ought to control individuals’ destiny, even with well meaning goals.
  • Moral Problems are at the core of the story. Yuri needs to help people around her however battles with the morals of evolving fate. Each time she adjusts destiny, there are expanding influences, and she needs to confront the accidental results of her activities. Yuri wrestles with whether she ought to utilize her capacity by any stretch of the imagination.

This heavenly story about growing up manages topics of destiny versus freedom of thought, moral situations of force, and potentially negative results of our activities. The story is a strong glance at how even with good motivations, controlling fate can have a significant expense.

Why Fans Love That Which Flows Manhwa

Fanatics of the activity pressed Manhwa That Which Flows have a few justifications for why they love this series:

Enamoring Story and Characters

The story follows Mia, an apparently conventional secondary school young lady who finds she has strange abilities associated with shadows. As she explores this new capacity and vile powers that need to involve her power for evil, perusers become profoundly put resources into Mia’s excursion of self-disclosure and her perplexing associations with companions and foes the same. Mia is an interesting and amiable courageous woman, and the advanced side characters add extravagance to the story.

Dim and Restless Tone

That Which Flows has a dim, restless tone that requests to numerous Manhwa fans. The shadow powers and lowlifes give it an otherworldly component, while keeping it grounded in the difficulties of regular day to day existence. Perusers appreciate following Mia as she manages perilous dangers and moral vagueness. The shadowy, adapted craftsmanship style supplements this tone impeccably.

Activity and Anticipation

That Which Flows moves at a high speed, including many activity stuffed battle scenes, pursue successions and emotional uncovers that keep perusers as eager and anxious as ever. The consistent exciting bends in the road in the plot, as well as the always present danger of reprobates finding Mia’s confidential, form a feeling of tension and peril that makes this series hard to put down. The Manhwa likewise closes every volume on a cliffhanger, so you’ll be enthusiastically anticipating the following portion.

Engaging Workmanship Style

The workmanship style of That Which Flows is dim, sharp and supplements the tone of the story well. Character plans are outwardly fascinating yet at the same time practical, and activity arrangements are dynamic and liquid. Little subtleties like the utilization of screentone and enhancements for Mia’s shadow powers give the workmanship additional clean. The workmanship quality remaining parts reliably high all through the run of the series up until this point.

In general, with its gorge commendable mix of a habit-forming story, complex characters, dull tone, activity, tension and flawless craftsmanship, it’s not difficult to see the reason why That Which Flows has acquired such an energetic fan following. This Manhwa has something for pretty much every peruser to appreciate.

Where to Peruse That Which Flows On the web

There are a couple of ways you can peruse That Which Flows on the web. Here are a portion of the top choices:


Webtoon is a famous comic facilitating site where numerous manhwa like That Which Flows are distributed. You can find That Which Flows for nothing on Webtoon and track with the most recent updates and parts as the creator discharges them. Webtoon likewise has an application you can download to peruse on your cell phone.


Mangakakalot is another site where you can peruse That Which Flows. They have all suitable sections up so you can gorge read to get up to speed. The site has a few promotions, so an advertisement blocker is suggested. They likewise have a versatile application called Manga Rock where you can follow and peruse That Which Flows.


KissManga is a long-running manga site that has That Which Flows and numerous other manhwa and manga. They much of the time update with the freshest parts not long after they discharge on Webtoon. KissManga functions admirably on both work area and portable. A few sections might stack a piece gradually on occasion, however by and large it’s a dependable source to peruse your most loved manhwa.


Mangasee123 is one more choice for perusing That Which Flows on the web. They have a straightforward, clean design without such a large number of promotions that can occupy from perusing. All suitable sections of That Which Flows are transferred onto Mangasee123 rapidly after discharge, so you will not need to stand by lengthy to see what occurs next in the story. They likewise have versatile pages, so you can peruse in a hurry.

In rundown, there are a few great destinations where you can find and follow That Which Flows. Between Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga and Mangasee123, you’ll approach all delivered parts and have the option to keep steady over refreshes as new sections are distributed. Blissful perusing!

When Will That Which Flows Season 2 Emerge?

It has been some time since That Which Flows season 1 finished and fans are anxious to know when season 2 will deliver. Tragically, there is still no authority declaration about the debut date. Be that as it may, in view of the creation timetable of past seasons, we can make a ballpark estimation.

Season 1 circulated from April to June 2021 with 12 episodes. On the off chance that the makers follow a comparable timetable, season 2 ought to emerge around a similar time in 2022. The Coronavirus pandemic created setbacks for creation for some shows, so there might be some adaptability required in the course of events.

A things to remember:

  • Animated shows frequently have a long creation process. That Which Flows includes extremely great activity and visuals which demands greater investment and assets.
  • The manga source material requirements to advance further so the artists have an adequate number of sections to adjust. As of mid 2022, there are a couple of unadapted sections left from the finish of season 1. The manga discharges another part consistently, so more will be accessible soon.
  • Voice entertainers, music arrangers, and other ability should be planned. Organizing every one of the moving pieces of an enlivened creation takes cautious preparation and time.
  • Promotion and promoting for the new season will increase in the months prompting the debut. Look out for trailers, secrets, character uncovers and different clues on the show’s true virtual entertainment profiles.

While sitting tight for a declaration, you can rewatch season 1 to get on any subtleties you might have missed, read the manga to see what might be coming up in the story, or look at the many fan hypotheses about what season 2 could incorporate. The energetic fanbase of That Which Flows will make the hang tight for new episodes beneficial!


And that’s the scoop on the popular Korean webtoon That Which Flows. Now that you’re all caught up on the characters, story, and universe of this epic fantasy series, you’re ready to dive in and start reading. With beautiful art, complex storytelling, and relatable characters, this manhwa has something for everyone. Whether you’re a veteran of the genre or a total newbie, That Which Flows will sweep you away to a world of magic and adventure. What are you waiting for? Time to see what all the hype is about and let the story carry you along for the ride. You won’t regret taking a chance on this imaginative tale. Happy reading!

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