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Best Gaming Keypads and Keyboards

Many people are playing games competitively and invest a large amount in getting the best computer hardware, a fast CPU, plenty of memory, and a fast graphics processor. However the performance of the computer user will also depend on the quality of the keyboard which he is using. Since most people playing games on the computer are using it for many hours daily, the keyboard will get damaged faster compared to conventional keyboards. Hence individuals who are using their computer mainly for playing games should get keypads and keyboards of the best quality, specially designed for games. The features of the various gaming keyboards and keypads here are described below to help buyers make the right choice.

Keyboard size

The keyboards are available in different sizes to suit the requirement of the user. Individuals who will not travel can use the conventional full size keyboard with all the keys. Those who wish to purchase a compact keyboard can purchase a tenkeyless keyboard, which does not have the number keys twice. Additionally for those who carry the keyboard with them for traveling, the mini version of the keyboard is available. This keyboard is 60 to 65% smaller than the full size keyboard, and has the keys which are frequently used by gamers. The keyboard is designed for routing cables properly.

Mechanism used

Another factor which should be considered while purchasing a keyboard is the mechanism which is used for detecting the keystroke. Most of the earlier models of the keyboards are using a mechanical switch, which will make a sound when the key is pressed. However the mechanical keys can get damaged if they are used for very long or too much pressure is applying on them. Hence the latest keyboards are using the new optical switch technology. When the key is pressed, the optical light sensor is activated in the keyboard, and the keystroke is recorded. This technology is faster, more reliable and durable, making it ideal for those who are playing games and require a fast response time.

Other factors

Often the person using the keyboard will apply a large amount of pressure or force on the keyboard while playing games. Hence it is important to ensure that the key-caps are durable and do not crack or break when more force is applied since the keyboard will have to be replaced. Earlier the key-caps for keyboards were made from ABS material. Increasingly the better keycaps are using key-caps of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) which are more durable compared to ABS keycaps. These keycaps can also be removed and cleaned if required. The keys are backlit and can be customized as required. It is better to use keyboards with a wrist rest for supporting the wrist. The full size keyboards have a magnetic snap on type wrist rest, which is covered with leatherette material.


Additionally games who cannot afford expensive keyboards, should consider the more compact and affordable keypads. Only a few keys are used frequently while playing games, and these keypads have all the important keys, and can be customized as required.

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