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What are search engines- In SEO Search Engines are special websites that provide information to their users on the basis of searches done by them on a particular subject or keyword. The result of search engines displays all the websites related to that particular keyword and thus meets the requirement of the user in the shortest possible time.

On receiving advice from the search engine it will search for thousands and millions of websites and will display the immediate list of all the websites that are related to source. This list can contain 2-3 names or even thousands of names. The result of search engine will tell you that all the websites related to that particular subject or keyword are ready and even tell the names of the sites.

How this becomes possible- Now the question arises how all this becomes possible. Generally whenever a company makes their website to provide its relevant information to the people, they submit it in the search engines to make it popular. Thus search engines has information about the lacs of websites. But some search engines works a lot to gather new information. In technical terms it is known as crawling.

For this purpose there are special surfing computers that are known as robots or spiders. Whenever search engine is given advice for any search, then thousands of computers on its web server comes into operation. But only one computer takes this search further to reach it to the index server. Here this search is compared with the other words available here. Then on the basis of these a document is prepared based on the relevant information. This document is then sent to the document server. Here list is prepared for the name of the websites and their brief information. These are known as snippets.

This important list is then sent to the web server through which the instructions for search came. Thus this web server is responsible to bring information to our computer based on our search.

In SEO Services Search engines are some special websites that has worldwide information and provide this information free to their customers and users. The major search engines are Google, yahoo, MSN and AltaVista. To get the information through search engine we have to contact the search engine website through internet. After this we need to type the relevant subject or the keyword for which information is required. For example if we need to gather information related with the source then we have to type the source in the search box.

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