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Ryan Colin Kavanaugh was born on 4th December 1974. He was born in U.S.A. He is a famous businessperson, film producer, and financier. Ryan owns and chairs Relativity Media. He financed over 200 movies. Approximately, he invested over $17 billion. Ryan earned credit as a producer of 61 movies. He is also famous for creating a model of film finance, namely “Moneyball.” In 2013, he was the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list. They also ranked him among the first 25 people having the highest-grossing producer in the box office.

Kavanaugh’s childhood

          Ryan Colin belongs to a Jewish family. He spent his childhood with his parents in Los Angeles, California. Colin got admission to Brentwood High School. His mother was a real estate broker, his father was a dentist. But later he started a business. His father was a German. But later he changed his name to Kavanaugh.

Ryan’s first business venture

          Ryan attended UCLA. After completion, he started a business venture capital. It was a small firm. It started working and was in the initial stage. Unfortunately, the sad incident of 9/11 occurred. He struggled, but the incident forced him to wind up the firm.  

Start of Relativity Media

          Ryan was committed to his aim. He wanted to join the math and movie projects. Just because of this, he aimed to join the math and the finance of movie projects. His aim was to make this investment more fruitful.

So, he asked his father about the loan of $50,000/ but he refused.  But this refusal did not lose his courage. He wanted to change the traditional ways of investing in the film industry. His plan was to develop a secure and safe way of investment.

          Resultantly, he planned a model. Now, the concerning people recognize this model as, “a Monte Carlo model.” He developed this model to forecast the success rate of any movie giving odds. Until the model predicts profitability, till then they do not release the film. In his first year of business, he changed altogether Marvel Studios.

This model gave him a huge profit. Resultantly, they developed Marvel Cinematic Universe. His firm groomed, and he started dealing with Sony Pictures, Universal, Paramount, and many more.

Assets of Kavanaugh

          Ryan purchased a lot of assets. His assets include different marketing and distributions. Colin has distributions of different companies like John Malone’s Liberty Media/starts, Overture Films, and Netflix.

          He has also an association with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile and Virgin Products. He also owns a share in these products. Ryan has brokered a marketing partnership along with Clear Channel Radio. He has an equal partnership with Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd. in China.

Relativity Media Production and Distribution

          His media company has produced many films. Alongside, he financed different films for production. He generated more than $17 billion in revenue at the box office. 60 Oscar nominations are also in his credit. Ron Burkle signed a partnership agreement with him of $800 million.

Ryan’s Bankruptcy

          Ryan filed twice into his bankruptcy. First, he filed in July 2015 as per Chapter 11 bankruptcy. And also he left his chair as CEO at the end of 2016. Later on, in May 2018, the second time, Relativity Media filed to be bankrupt.

Net Worth of Ryan Colin Kavanaugh

        Ryan Colin produced several films. Besides that, he also financed over 200 movies. According to the source, he earned about $17 billion by just financing. He also has many other sources of income. Ryan also deals as a broker, partnerships with different companies, and distributions. He is also earning from these sources. Above all, his net worth is approximately $50 million.

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