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Francisco Stanley Solis was well known for being the most established child of Late Paco Stanley, a famous Mexican television character of the 90s. Paco Stanley was hitched two times, and Francisco Solis was his lone youngster from his most memorable marriage. Solis had three more youthful half-kin. He died at age of 25.

About Francisco Stanley Solis’ Own Life

Paco Stanley and his most memorable spouse, Maria Solis, invited their main child, Francisco Stanley Comfort, in 1968. The couple got their kid far from the media spotlight. In this way, no other data is had some significant awareness of him. Their child out of nowhere passed on early on of 25. Stanley and Solis didn’t uncover the explanation for his downfall.

Who is Paco Stanley?

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, otherwise called “Paco Stanley”, was a Mexican TV moderator, humorist and entertainer. Paco Stanley was brought into the world on July 3, 1942, in Mexico City. He began his work in radio and afterward proceeded to have his own TV program.

Paco was first hitched to María Solís. Stanley’s subsequent spouse was Patricia Pedroza, who bore him two children. Their little girl was named Leslie while their child was Francisco Stanley Pedroza. Paco Stanley was even involved with Monica Durutty. The couple was gifted with a child, Paul Stanley. Paco Stanley was killed at 56 years old.

Paco Stanley’s Vocation

Stanley started his vocation as a model and entertainer in different Mexican telenovelas and motion pictures. He acquired prominence during the 1980s as the host of the theatrical presentation “Siempre en Domingo” and the game show “El precio justo”.

Paco Stanley was known for his comedic jobs and his expression “¡Ay, mi love!” (“Gracious, my love!”). He likewise showed up in the movies “Noche de love” (1984) and “Love de mis loves” (1987).

Paco Stanley as a Network show Host

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero was a Mexican television have who is known for his work on the Televisa network with Benito Castro. He facilitated a few shows on the organization, including the syndicated program “Hoy” and the game show “Acapulco Shore”. In 1995, Stanley started functioning as a host on the Televisa organization. He proceeded with it for a long time.

Paco Stanley as an Entertainer

Stanley started his vocation as an entertainer in 1992 and has showed up in various plays, movies, and TV programs. Notwithstanding his acting profession, Albaitero has additionally coordinated and delivered a few plays. He is the pioneer behind the theater organization Teatro de los Sueños, which produces plays for kids and grown-ups.

Explanation for Paco Stanley’s Demise

On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley passed on because of a daytime eatery shootout. He had recently completed a morning show on television Azteca studio and went to eat with his accomplices, Mario Bezares and Jeorge Gil. They had recently completed their lunch in a Mexican eatery. Out of nowhere three individuals came inside and began shooting everybody. Stanley and Bezares passed on in the shootout though Jeorge Gil got away with harms.

Who is Benito Castro?

Castro started his profession as a professional comic in the mid 1990s. He acquired prominence in Mexico with his stand-up act “El Show de Benito”. He worked with Paco Stanley on Stanley’s show Televisa.


Francisco Solis is one of the offspring of Stanley. Tragically Francisco kicked the bucket very early on without encountering a lot of life.

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