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Remember childhood, when we have toy cars, dolls, and unique characters to play with. So we reached today’s world. As technology is advancing, so the ways of enjoying. With every passing day, we see different new games. These have their stories, plots, characters, and engaging factors to keep the user engaged. A few days back, I saw a new game. It seemed less enjoying but pleasuring purpose. Its name is “Rape day game”.

Mr. Desk Plant has generated this game. It is a controversial playing field. Because the players have to commit assaults and sexual obscene with females in the game. These all are characters but the players have to do it. By performing such activities, the players can progress. But with all these features, they have banned the game. They also have removed it from a popular platform of games.

Banning the game announcement

Valve has faced a lot of public pressure. Because of these reasons, he has to announce this news. Rowan Kaiser, a game theme writer expressed his views. According to him, Valve wanted to keep it in the store. But the public pressure stopped him. Therefore, he has to cancel the game from the Steam store.

Public reaction

 The developer uploaded the game in March 2019. Over 8000 people signed the petition to change. So, “” played its role to spread it out. The people demanded to cancel its availability from this website. Steam Direct should not distribute this game anymore.

Future planning

Desk plant suggested different ways to publish the game. He wrote in his post on a website. He is now searching for different sale points for this game. Afterward, he will contact those developers whose games it banned. Despite the content was not illegal but banned. He will set up a niche. And this niche will sell such games.        


Different countries have their own laws. In Australia, they follow guidelines for computer games. They restrict sexual violence and associated incentives and rewards in games. For instance, the Australian authority will not accept this application. In contrast, the consumer or players have the option to file a complaint. They can file complaints before Classification Review Board. The board can discuss ratings and related issues under National Classification Code. In Japan, the authority banned the Omega Labyrinth Z game. The main reason to ban was gratuitous and sexual activity in it.

Banning the game

Most of the people took part in the protest online. They demanded to ban this game. The obvious reason for banning the game, was assault, violence, consensual sex, obscene language, and incest. In this way, an online petition got over 3000 signatures against this game. They demanded not to enlist in this game.  

Valve, Steam Store official tried to publish this game. He used different unethical means to get permission. But luckily, he had to face public pressure. This pressure stops him to move forward. Ultimately, he has to remove this game from the list.  

About Valve and Rape Day game

Valve has faced a lot of hardships. During the last few years, he was thinking about the development of such content. Now, this game has become an issue for Valve and the PC games distributor. He developed an objectionable game, “Rape Day.” It is a visual novel. Furthermore, the player controls and opts for different choices. Finally, the player becomes a serial killer. The user kills and rapes to achieve points. Even the user faces zombie apocalypse too.

History of sexual assaulting games

Unfortunately, we have seen different examples like this game in the past. But such examples come after a long period. In 1982, Custer’s Revenge was launched. In this video game, the player used to get points by having sex with women. Similarly, in Japan, during 2006, “RapeLay” was launched. In this game, the player used to control the game. The player has to rape a family’s underage daughter to get points. Although it did not break any Japanese laws, it got attention later. The people from different countries rose voices against it. Ultimately, different countries banned this game. The people suggested that killing is a bigger crime than rape.

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