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Compared to other celebrities, E Money frequently flaunts his family, home, and cars on his social media accounts. Without a doubt, the man enjoys his life. He once used a spray gun to shower money on guests at a wedding, which caused quite a stir. Clearly, the business mogul is wealthy, which has piqued the interest of many who want to know how much money E Money has. According to him, he earned it through hard work and perseverance. His big break came when he got a call saying he’d gotten a $2 million contract. Also, he has been a serial investor ever since, allowing him to live like a king. 

Who is E Money, exactly?

Emeka Okonkwo is a well-known Nigerian billionaire entrepreneur. People know him as “E money.” Further, he is the younger brother of Kcee. Kcee is a well-known Nigerian singer and entertainer. Although he did not take birth with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he has shown that one’s past does not have to determine one’s future. He earned the moniker after he began throwing money around. And exemplifying what it means to be wealthy. Without mentioning his name, today’s list of Nigeria’s wealthiest people will be incomplete. He is, without a doubt, in a much better position than many Nollywood actors, comedians, and musicians. What is the age of E Money? As of 2021, E Money is 40 years old. 

What is the net worth of E Money?

E Money’s worth estimates to $30 million in US dollars, or more than $11.6 billion in Naira. Given his investment portfolio, this comes as no surprise. He is the founder and CEO of the Five Star Music House, which has signed major artists such as Skibi and Harry Song, as well as his older brother Kcee. He also owns and operates an oil and gas exploration and marketing company. In addition, the business mogul owns a real estate company. He also owns a privately held shipping and transportation company. 

House of E Money.

The house of money Emeka Okonkwo has tangible and coveted assets in Nigeria as far as visible assets are concerned. He is the proud owner, in Ikeja Lagos, of 250 million naira mansions in Omole Estate. This is a wonderful and stylish structure. There is a swimming pool, a yard with super modern high-speed cars, a private gym, etc. The interior of the house has a touch of the Middle East. Furthermore, people also call him an Arab Sultan. The interior is covered in gold and white. 


E Money is a fan of a cars. He is an arrogant owner of SUV and sports car fleets. In December 2015, he got a value of 30 million Nairas from the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and also gave his brother Kcee a birthday offer with the value of 20 million Nairas of a Mercedes Benz G car. In addition, he added to his fleet a 2017 Lexus LX 570 worth more than $90,000. E Money has surprised himself and his wife as a thank you to two Rolls Royce Phantom 2019.

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