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First, Lucille Frances Lawless, people also know her as Lucy Lawless Spartacus. Lucy was born on March 29, 1968. She belongs to New Zealand. She is an actress and singer. However, Lucy Lawless Spartacus got fame with a television series, Xena: Warrior Princess. She Lucy Lawless Spartacus also played in different television series.

Most importantly, during 2012-15, she played roles in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. In 2015-18, she starred in Starz Horror-comedy series in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Private Life

She married Garth Lawless in 1988 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. She gave birth to her daughter. Thereafter, this marriage could not survive longer. Finally, they separated their ways in 1995.

She married again to Robert G. Tapert in March 1998. He was an executive producer and C.E.O. of Pacific Renaissance Pictures. Afterward, she gave birth to two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert and Judah Miro Tapert. After her role as Xena, people knew her as an icon. And she feels proud of this role. Gabrielle was her traveling companion, or maybe more. She, as LGBTQ also strengthened her performance in “Spartacus”.


Lucy Lawless Spartacus born in the small town of Mount Albert, Auckland. Her mother’s name is Julie Ryan. She was a teacher. Her father’s name is Frank Ryan. He was a banker.


Lucy Lawless Spartacus started education as other kids. Marist College, Auckland, was the college she attended. Thereafter, for higher education, she attended Auckland University. There she studied languages. After completing her education, she started traveling. She traveled to Europe and Australia with Garth Lawless. Lucy also studied at William Davis Centre for Actors Study. She opted for and studied drama at this institution.


Her first musical appearance was at 10. She started playing roles in her secondary school. When she was 21, she won in 1989, the tile of Mrs. New Zealand contest. She started her television career with a sketch-comedy series, Funny Business. She played a role in Hercules and the Amazon Women. Pacific Renaissance Pictures produced this series.        

Lucy Lawless had a dream to play the role of a warrior woman. Her name is that play was Xena. The serial name was Hercules. She appeared as a warrior princess. This serial aired in March 1995. This character became famous. Therefore, another series was produced :Zena: Warrior Princess in September 1995. She appeared as Ruby in Starz horror-comedy series. This serial was Ash vs Evil Dead. Finally, in 2018, this series ended.

Lucy’s singing career

Lucy lawless had played roles in musical theatre. Meanwhile, in 1997, she worked in Grease production. She played Betty Rizzo on Broadway. Even she sang during her famous series, Xena. She composed dirge music. “Burial”, she sang in Xena episode. She also sang different songs. For instance, “The path not taken, The Bitter Suite” and Lyre, Lyre, Heart on Fire.

Lucy appeared as a contestant in Celebrity Duets. She got encouragement. Finally, she stood runner-up in that contest. She took a start from Roxy in Hollywood. Finally, they set this venue up for 500 people. They planned it for 13 January 2007. Afterward, she carried on her back-to-back concerts.

Her activism

Lucy Lawless favors and plays her role for environmental protection. She also works against fossils fuels. In 2009, she worked as an ambassador for Greenpeace. Lucy took part in different protests arranged by the organization. She has also faced imprisonment during a protest. However, Lucy boarded an offshore oil drilling rig. But she stayed there for seventy-seven hours. The motive was to stop this rig from drilling in the Arctic. But in 2013, the court of justice charged her just as a trespasser.

Net worth

Finally, in California, Lucy and Robert bought a house in 1998. They paid $1.525 million in Studio City. But they sold it in 2008. As they sold the house, its value rose to 3.7 after a month. She has bought several properties. Most of her property is in New Zealand and Auckland. Thereafter, she sold her two properties in 2011. She converted her two properties into an eco-friendly garden. Above all, her property worth $7 million. She approximately owns $15-20 million property.                                                                

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