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Most Lee Min Ho TV shows are popular because of the talent and charisma of the famous actor. His talents in acting and his good looks of course has made Lee Min Ho one of the most recognizable Korean actors. The following TV shows the range and versatility of the actor.

Mackerel Run

This is the television that launched the career of Lee Min Ho. It was released in 2007 and is a romantic comedy that is about high school life. If you haven’t heard about this series it’s because it wasn’t very popular. In fact, it got cancelled because of low ratings. But if you’re a true Lee Min Ho fan then this TV show is still worthy of watching. In this series, you will already see the potential of Lee Min Ho.


This TV show is also known as The Great Doctor. It is a combination of a period drama and a modern TV series. The show tells the story of a man from the past – played by Lee Min Ho – who came to the present world to kidnap a plastic surgeon. The doctor was able to help a lot of people from the past. She also fell in love with her abductor. The doctor comes back to the present time but she often visits the past to see her lover.

Boys Over Flowers

Among the Lee Min Ho TV shows, this is probably the most popular. And this is the show that really catapulted the actor to superstardom. The show is about a rich spoiled guy (Lee Min Ho) and a poor girl. The two initially hated each other but they soon fell for each other. The two were transformed by their relationship. The spoiled man eventually changed and became a nice human being. This TV series is not just about love. It’s also a show about the importance of friendship. This show is not perfect but it’s a very popular one thanks to the enigmatic performances of the actors. And if you’re a Lee Min Ho fan then this is one show that you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.

Personal Taste

This is a 2010 TV series that has been adapted from a novel of the same title. In this series, Lee Min Ho plays the role of a man who pretended to be gay so he can live in the same house with a girl. The girl is heartbroken because of her previous relationship and has vowed not to be with another man again. This is another show that displayed the versatility of Lee Min Ho.

King Eternal Monarch

This show was released only last year making it the newest among the Lee Min Ho TV shows. It’s also one of the most unique in terms of content. It’s about parallel worlds. Lee Min Ho plays the role of a king who can travel to both worlds. Fans love this show because of the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-eun.

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