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Jemeker Thompson

Apparently it was a good sunny day. Children were playing in the street of South Central Los Angles. This is the true story of a middle class family of six members. The father was related to Construction sector and the mother, a Probation Officer. The parents could not enjoy   marital status so long and separated. Mother wanted to educate them to lead a civilized life. But destiny had decided else. She was in 4th grade. One day while heading to her home from school, she could not understand what was going on.

Her family was put out of her apartment.  Now she had another option to live with i.e. her grandmother. She wanted a better life so she asked her grandmother to live with. Jemeker left her mother and family and started living with her grandmother. She stayed there for six years and returned while she was sixteen. Her name was Jemeker Thompson. The FBI called her “Queenpin” later on.

          Jemeker Thompson was obsessed with power and control. Now she was fourteen. Here, she met Daff. He has certain charisma for her. He was a hustler and a drug dealer and she knew that. She had seen him in the neighborhood. He was also a gambler. He had a lot of money. She being deprived off basics in her life, was being attracted. Now she started helping him in his illegal business i.e. sale of Cocaine. She was enjoying her luxurious life. Her life style had changed. Now she mostly used to think that she had money. She has power.

She can do what she wanted to. At that time they organized a team and then established a network for smooth running of the business. It was the time when they became the tycoons of the business. They decided to marry, so they did. This was the life changing event of her life.

          Time passed and she gave birth to a child, Anthony Mosly. Soon after his birth she realized that the life style was not good way to raise her son. She was afraid of what was going on in those streets. So, she discussed the issue with her husband. They put that issue for tomorrow but it came as a last day of his last day. And the very next day he was kill. Now, it was very hard for her to handle the situation either the business or Anthony, her son. She was 26 at that. She kept herself out of the drug game for the time being. But after sometime, a partner convinced her to get into the business again.

She started a hair saloon business with an aim to broaden her business in Hollywood. Jemeker thought that it is a legal business but the drug enforcement agencies considered it the way of laundering. She invested her money gained from drug game into saloon business. As she was dealing in drugs too, it was an open challenge to police. Police was after her to catch. As she got this information, she left her house and business. She wanted to hide herself. That’s why for 16 months, she went town to town. But she could not live without her son and then time saw this moment when son’s love got his mother back. Her son Graduated then and it was his convocation day when she returned to attend that ceremony.  But……… She was arrested by the FBI.

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The authorities charged her with conspiracy to distribute Cocaine and five counts of money laundering. The court of justice decided the case and Thompson was convicted and sentenced to 15 years prison. During this sentence, she realized that the sentence was a wake-up call. Now she was in a new and different world. The world that she never experienced or expected.

Thompson met a father and asked him to pray for her. After this meeting when she returned, she had poured her heart to God. She was feeling embarrassed and guilty for what she had been doing. Jemeker had confessed every wrong deed. She was sobbing and weeping. In her cell, she covered her face and wept for hours remembering her past and sins. That night she rested herself to God. She was feeling so pure and fresh. After some hours she received her sentence chart which astonished her. The sentence was lighter that she was expecting.

She was released after serving 12 years.  Jemeker was released and reunited with her son. She married again. After her release she authored a book, “Queenpin”. Now she rights encouraging letters to desperate and motivate them. She says, “She is alive with a reason that there is a hope, I am not a conqueror but more than a conqueror”.

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