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When it’s time to clean your house, get rid of debris, or remove a worn-out appliance, a rubbish removal service is a perfect choice. But rubbish removal is more than just taking out the trash. Rubbish movers will remove boxes for recycling as well as tear down and haul away sheds, barns, and more. Before you have your rubbish removed, read these tips for a stress-free experience.

1. What Type of Rubbish You Need to be Removed

Rubbish removal companies accept a variation of items, but you’ll want to check if they are able to pick up your precise items. Remember that heavy items will cost more. The price depends on size, weight, and quantity.

Some items that rubbish removers will haul away are:





Scrap Metal

Renovation Debris


Yard Waste Removal

Electronic Equipment

2. Check the Weather and Your Calendar Before Scheduling

The best is scheduling on a day with a clear forecast. No one wants to move anything in the rain and also you risk the junk transporters canceling if the weather is bad.

Also, consider scheduling on a free day where you can be home. If you don’t have any other plans that day, you don’t have to be in a hurry if something unexpected happens. It’s better to be there all the time to make sure everything gets loaded and to answer any questions.

3. Mark Your Items for Pickup

Planning is important when hiring a rubbish removal service. Make sure everything you want to be hauled away is organized, marked, or with labels or in a detailed list for the workers. Ask the company what their preferences are.

If some of the items are in good condition and t you’re planning to donate to charity, make sure you label them also. Make sure to ask your haulers about donations. They might have a relationship with a local charity and may make donations at the same time.

4. Prepare Your Space

All you have to do is clear a path to the door and have everything in one place. If you have anything delicate, let them know. See if they want everything outside or are they willing to carry the items from your home. This could be an important factor in what company you choose if you’re unable to move things yourself.

5. Know the Difference Between Junk Hauling vs. Dumpster Rental

A rubbish removal service will bring their own containers, fill them with your objects, and then dispose of the contents. If you rent a dumpster, a rubbish removal company will drop it off at your location.

You fill the dumpster over a prearranged amount of time and then they haul the dumpster away. Dumpster rental is a decent option if you are planning to clean out space over the sequence of several days.

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