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It is back pain that makes life difficult for people all around the world. It can strike at any time and render you immobile for a few days, if not longer. Sometimes back pain comes with other symptoms, including difficulty moving the neck and upper back muscles, especially when you first wake up in the morning. This back pain relief guide will help answer many of your questions about back pain and how to relieve it naturally with Tiger Balm Ultra Products.

What causes back pain?

Numerous things can cause back pain such as Poor posture (especially over prolonged periods), Injuries present from sports or previous injuries, Toxicity in the body, Adrenal fatigue, Dental problems (ie GUM disease), Poor sleeping habits, Age-related back pain (as the spine deteriorates over time), etc.

What are the symptoms of back pain?

Depending on what type of back pain you have, your symptoms may vary. Some common symptoms include: Pain that can radiate from back to legs and arms, Difficulty moving back muscles especially early in the morning or when getting out of bed, Difficulty turning head and neck without any prior back injuries, Not able to carry out normal functions such as walking/running etc., Constant back spasms that feel like someone is trying to rip your back muscles apart. You will feel this mostly at night while trying to sleep but also throughout the day if it has been a particularly active day where you were lifting heavy objects or exercising your back muscles.

What can I do to reduce back pain?

You should first rule out easily treatable causes of back pain such as dental issues, poor sleeping habits, incorrect posture, and nutrition. If back pain becomes a regular occurrence due to any of these factors, you need to fix the issue at hand instead of just dealing with back pain when it arrives. You may think that it is temporary back spasms but keep in mind that back spasms can turn into serious back injuries if they are not treated long before they become back injuries. It takes a tremendous toll on the body, especially when moving around every day requires so much effort because your back muscles are in spasms.

If back pain is caused by poor nutrition or lifestyle, you will need to sign up your levels of nutrients and improve your lifestyle. If back pain continues after changing these factors, back surgery may be required, but this should be regarded as the last resort considering their long-term effects on the back and all other organs in the body.

Tiger Balm products are one of many methods that you can use to relieve back pain. Tiger Balm offers back pain relief from its Ultra Products Series, which contains various back pain-relieving salves for different types of back pains, including Muscle Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Pain, Upper Back Pain & Tired/Sore Aching back & neck muscles.

There are also back pain relief patches that can be placed directly on the back to relieve back pain. These Tiger Balm back pain relief patches are purely herbal and with no artificial ingredients, unlike other back pain relief products in the market today, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids (which cause addiction), injections with cortisone, etc. Many people have gotten back surgery due to chronic back pains but found little or no long term solutions until they turned to natural remedies for back pain such as these Tiger Balm products, which help not only relieve current back pains but also strengthen the spine and root nerves to prevent future back injuries/pain from occurring again.

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