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How to Create Your Own Cell Phone Wallpaper

Smartphone penetration in the United States has grown steadily since 2010 and sits at over 80% today. That level of market saturation speaks to how integral phones have become in our lives.

Seeing as how most of us carry our phones everywhere, it stands to reason that you might like to add a dash of personalization to your “pocket sidekick” to help it better express your sensibilities. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a custom cell phone wallpaper which we’re here to show you how to do!

Below, we’ll quickly walk you through steps you can take to turn your phone’s background into something special.

1. Pick an Application

The application you choose to create a cell phone wallpaper with can make the process really hard or really easy.

If you’re looking for easy, check out Canva which seems to be the tool of choice when it comes to whipping up quick, attractive designs. If you want to go the difficult yet more customizable route, create your phone background in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

2. Figure Out Your Canvas Size

Your phone wallpaper should look the same on your phone as it does on your computer. The best way to ensure that your custom design doesn’t have to stretch or shrink to be displayed on your mobile device is to get its dimensions right.

Fortunately, looking up your phone’s dimensions is as easy as running a quick Google search. For example, a good canvas size for an iPhone X would be 1125 x 2436.

3. Upload Your Photo Into Your Application

You have your application in place. You have your canvas set to the correct size. All that’s left to do to start crafting your wallpaper is to drag your photo into your editing tool so you can get to work!

Source photos that you have rights to use for your wallpaper (photos that are not protected by copyright restrictions). Note that almost any photo you take, you can use freely.

If you have trouble adding your image to your photo editor, it could be your photo’s file extension. For the best result, try to work with .JPG or .PNG.

4. Add Extra Elements

To add a dash of awesome to the photo you’re turning into a cell phone wallpaper, consider throwing extra elements into your design before exporting it.

If you add text animation (assuming your phone supports that feature), digital stickers or other fun things, you may be able to better capture your personality in your work of art!

5. Export, Send to Yourself and Finish

Once you love your phone wallpaper, export it to a file format your phone works with (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), send your wallpaper to your phone via email or another file-sharing means, click on it from your phone and set it as your wallpaper!

You may find that your wallpaper’s dimensions don’t look right depending on how your phone chooses to display your image. That’s okay! Just go back to your editing application and make tweaks as needed.

Crafting a Custom Cell Phone Wallpaper Can Be Simple and Fun

We always tout creating a cell phone wallpaper as an entry-level way for non-tech-savvy people to get into crafting digital designs. Hopefully, our guidance helps you create something special.

If you’d like more insight into all things technology, feel free to check out the latest content on our blog.

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