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Miss Excel is making over $5,000,000 every year from Tiktok. WTFFFF

Over the last 2 years, she’s generated:

$10,000,000+ in earnings
50,000,000+ TikTok views
901K TikTok followers
722K IG followers

Kat Norton (Miss Excel) went from a few viral TikTok videos to a partnership with Microsoft, private labeling for Fortune 500 companies, and now selling her courses to over 16,000 people.

Her story goes a little like this…

Kat came from a consulting background helping banks improve their security.

Unlike most of her colleagues she LOVED working with excel. She was regularly asked to train the basics & even advanced functions to her peers.

Around March 2020 Kat started working from home & had a bit more spare time on her hands.

After some initial hesitation, she used this time to post a few TikTok videos about fun excel hacks.

Her account immediately took off.

As of today, her

1st video has 44.6k views
2nd has 31.4k views
3rd has 39k views
4th has 233k views

Shortly after that 4th video the CEO of an IT company reached out asking Kat to make training videos for his clients.

These were Kat’s first dollars of revenue after only 1 WEEK of creating on TikTok.

From her first video in June 2020 to her 121st video in October 2020, she generated 10M views.

This caught the attention of Morning Brew who reached out to cover Kat’s story.

They asked Kat if she had anything to promote/sell which she didn’t have at the time.

Over the next 2 weeks, she sprinted & built an excel course to sell to millions of Morning Brew readers.

Over the next 6 months a similar process repeats…

A. Make viral content
B. Get promoted by larger publications
C. Sell courses

By April 2021, she hit her first $100K month and started consulting with Microsoft to help them teach users about other Microsoft Office products.

Here’s a breakdown of her revenue streams:

1/ Courses…

Over 16,000 students have bought her courses with an AOV of ~$450. We can assume here she’s make ~$7.2M.

This calculation doesn’t factor in those students buying multiple courses.

2/ Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft partners and promotes live trainings led by Kat for large corporate customers who sign up hundreds of employees at a time.

Kat – “Our events are like fun excel concerts!”

3/ White labeling courses

Large fortune 500 companies have come to Kat asking for Excel trainings specific for their brand.

It’s the exact same content she’s already teaching in her courses, so she adds the company’s name & logo throughout the course to make it branded.

This is her checklist to go viral on TikTok:

Quality > quantity: She wants every video to be amazing and doesn’t play the numbers game of social media.

Storytelling component: Kat’s most viral videos involve her dressing up as multiple characters interacting with each other.

Fast Paced content: TikTok rewards content with high replay rates, the more times a video is replayed the wider of an audience it will reach.

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