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Are you looking at how to monitor employees’ work, and why do you need to monitor employees in the workplace?

The first program for tracking employees appeared already in 1888. However, progress does not stand still, and today, according to statistics, every third company controls staff activities on working PCs – from viewing emails and installing time trackers to total traffic combing. Read below on how monitoring employee performance is essential.

Systems of control and accounting of employees’ working time using your computer.

 These are no longer just programs for remote monitoring of computers. We are talking about total monitoring of the working PC of your manager, designer, secretary, and even the administrator of the information security service. The possibilities of such solutions are diverse, and it is better to disassemble them on a specific example.

 There can be as many Grabbers, Viewers and even Servers as needed. Then, if desired, the client can place the Server on its cloud.

The grabber can work in both open and hidden modes. If necessary, it can be made completely invisible to the user.

 Recording video from employees’ monitors

 As for the video logger function, Kickidler does not take screenshots, like many similar programs, but records full-fledged high-quality video from employee screens at up to 30 frames per second. The video viewer panel also lets you see which keys the employee pressed at a given time interval and which applications were running on his computer. Moreover, video recording is carried out even offline when the employee’s computer is disconnected from the Internet.

You can watch the video through the Viewer in both normal and accelerated modes. You can make a selection on the use of a specific application or visiting a given site. This feature has no analogues not only among our domestic but also among foreign colleagues. Thanks to compression, video files do not take up much space; you can store archives for many months and even years (although, by default, they are stored for seven days; as practice shows, this is quite enough). Monitoring employee performance is advisable have a backup for the internet.

Online monitoring and control of employees (real-time computer monitoring)

Thanks to this functional group, you can find out what exactly the hired specialist is doing at the moment – what applications he runs and what sites he browses. Broadcast from the monitors of employees, on whose computers the Grabber program is installed, is carried out in real-time and is shown using the Viewer program on the computer of the manager or top manager.

Watching live broadcasts takes place in a convenient interface called Quadrature. Quadrature allows you to display an unlimited number of monitored computer screens on the observer’s monitor. Still, for convenience, we recommend dividing them into small groups (for example, according to their affiliation with structural divisions) and switching between each other. An option is to install multiple monitors to monitor the entire department simultaneously.


The above are some of the important information you need to know when monitoring employee performance. Technology has changed, and wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the internet and have a phone. You can access all corners of your home and be able to monitor employee what they are doing in your absence.

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