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For the operators of all types of factories and warehouses, one of the most challenging yet important factors of the job is to ensure that the premises are kept clean and organised. Effort and forward planning are necessities to succeed in this endeavour, but there are numerous benefits for those who are able to do so.

An increase in productivity

The first step in maintaining a working environment that is well organised is to ensure that staff members can quickly and easily find the equipment they require, which will result in a direct increase in productivity. This will also have an indirect positive effect on staff productivity as employees are more likely to have pride in their work when they know the company they work for is dedicating time and resources into ensuring their workplace is clean, efficient and safe.

Health and safety regulations compliance

It is up to the owner of a factory or warehouse to maintain a working environment that is clean and tidy in order to be in compliance with health and safety regulations. All employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their workers, including controlling the risks of trips and slips as much as is reasonably possible.

Employers also have to assess risks and take action to remove them whenever they can. The floors of any workplace are legally required to be suitable for the job that needs to be performed on them, as well as being free of any obstructions and being in good condition.

Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can endanger employees but also result in an organisation failing a health and safety check, resulting in steep fines. Maintaining an organised factory ensures compliance with health and safety regulations while also increasing staff morale and productivity.

Making the most of space

Factories and warehouses need to be clear of obstructions so that the movement of heavy equipment, inventory and people can be done safely and easily. Any type of space will benefit from racking and shelving that is intelligently thought out, and making use of draw storage will increase accessibility, inventory control and safety in equal measure.

Making the most of storage space with the use of the likes of plastic draw storage solutions or other retailers, can also save factories or warehouses the expense of having to move to larger premises simply because the space they already occupy is now being used in a much more efficient way.

Making use of ergonomic equipment

Any business is heavily reliant on employees being healthy and happy, and one way to accomplish this by reducing stress and exhaustion as well as liability issues is to make use of ergonomic equipment. Employees that are overworked will be less productive.

Storing high volume products correctly

Popular products should be kept as accessible as possible, while also conveniently located close to shipping areas in order to ensure faster shipping.

Keeping a factory or warehouse safe and clean and provided with ample storage space is crucial for the success and safety of any such operation.

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