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While most December holidays are typically about celebrations, there are some that take on a more serious tone. Christmas Day, New Year Day, and World Aids Day are examples of nationally recognized December holidays with meaning that goes deeper than just a three-day weekend.

So can you still create videos for a serious December holiday? Absolutely. However, it requires a lot of tact and special care to make sure what you create doesn’t come off as tacky, inappropriate, or disrespectful. It’s all about the execution, so striking the right tone and balance between art and ad is key.

How to Create a Video for a December holiday

The short answer – create December global holidays YouTube video. That’s a pretty broad oversimplification, but when creating a video for this kind of occasion, you really want to take your subject matter seriously. This is not the time to get clever or go for jokes. Whichever holiday it is, you want to give it the reverence it deserves.

The key is to pick subject matter and video types that effectively showcase the meaning of each December holiday. Your goal should be to focus on telling stories that relate to the December holiday in question.

The Don’ts of Commemorative December holiday Video

There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate important and serious December holidays into your video marketing plan, as long as your goal is to create something authentic and true to the spirit of the December holiday. Your aim should be to honor the day – not make more sales.

That being the case, there are plenty of things we suggest you DON’T do when creating this type of video. We compiled a simple list of them here for an easily referenceable reminder. We know your intentions are good – but it’s always smart to double check yourself.


  • Capitalize on a national tragedy with a promotional sale.
  • Use a happy and celebratory video on a very serious occasion.
  • Try to be clever with tacky marketing gimmicks.
  • Shoehorn an inauthentic story together if you don’t have one.
  • Create a video if you’re uninformed on the significance of the December holiday.
  • Start a conversation with your followers with the intention of trying to sell them.
  • Be inconsiderate of the subjects in your video.
  • Use cheesy, overly serious music that doesn’t fit the subject matter.
  • Feel like you need to create something just to be trendy.

This last one is very important – while we’re talking all about how to create a video for important serious December holidays, don’t feel like you need to go out and make anything just to be trendy. It’s okay if you don’t have anything to say. Sometimes thoughtfulness means not using video at all.


With the high-speed pace of information exchange online these days, it’s easy to feel behind and get anxious if you aren’t involved in every trending conversation. But not everything is about us – sometimes, all anyone wants on December global holidays YouTube video is to be around family and friends. They aren’t waiting around at home all day wondering what their favorite companies have to say about this or that. And that’s okay – we don’t all need to have something to say about everything.

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