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Deal Or No Deal contestant Brad Wale has opened up about how he felt in that crushing moment when he found out he had won one of the lowest amounts on the show. 

Contestant Brad, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, left viewers emotional after he broke down in tears while discussing his Motor Neurone Disease (MND) diagnosis with host Stephen Mulhern.

Brad was on the show trying to raise money for his family and to achieve his bucket list goals, however he sadly walked away with just £5, describing the moment as ‘heartbreaking and devastating’. 

Opening up on ITV News on Wednesday, he admitted: ‘I still listen to it back and I still watch it back and I can feel the tears coming on.’

He continued: ‘I went on that show and I had every intention of winning big and I genuinely thought I would, so to get to that moment and only receive £5 it was heartbreaking and devastating.’

But after the episode aired, his Deal Or No Deal co-star Rochelle Hughes set up a fundraiser which has already raked in an impressive £86,000 from kind-hearted viewers. 

Brad explained: ‘From last Thursday the response I have had is something I could never put into words. 

‘The response I’ve had, each message and individual donation means the absolute world to me and you’ll never understand how much it’s changed my life so thank you.’

MND affects the motor nerves which eventually degenerate and die, making the muscles weaker and weaker, eventually leading to a paralysis. 

Brad also appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning where he opened up about his diagnosis. 

He told hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls: ‘It’s been a really long progress getting the diagnosis. It wasn’t until very recently. It sounds silly, but when I was told that for the first time it was almost a relief.’

Giving an update on how he is doing, Brad said: ‘I get cramping in my hands, cramping in my feet. I’m not able to walk much at all anymore.

‘I’ve been having speech therapy on speech, and that’s got a bit better. But I’m really tired, that still goes.’

Brad went on: ‘I just have to have lots of adaptions and stuff these days to kind of do life. But I’m a big believer in positivity and I think as long as I stay positive, I can fight it all the way.

The GoFundMe has exceeded its £20,000 goal in just six days with more than 2,500 viewers donating to Brad’s cause.

Viewers also left sweet messages for Brad alongside their donations as they told how much his story had ‘moved’ them and ‘touched their hearts’.

One wrote: ‘Brad really touched my heart and us all pulling together can give him funds to do his bucket list…,’ while a second added: ‘He seems like such a lovely guy and he deserves to do all the things he wants to do!’

A third said: ‘I watched your show which had me in tears. Hope this fund will help you achieve some of your dreams. Best wishes to you and your family x.’

A fourth added: ‘Brad, you touched the hearts of a nation this week with your story and your searing honesty…what an inspiration you are…please go on now and get some of those dreams on your list ticked off! Good luck with everything lovely man and hope we hear more from you in the future.’

Another commented: ‘I just caught up on the show and you are a true inspiration to us all – go smash the bucket list! We are all rooting for you!’

A description on the fundraiser, penned by Brad’s friend Rochelle, read: ‘I’m sure you all saw Brads devastating game on Deal or No Deal.

‘His DOND family really want him to fulfil his dreams and we have set this up on the hope that anyone could maybe spare a couple of pounds and get Brad to tick some bits off his Bucket List. We love you Brad.’

Brad has taken to Facebook to share an array of posts thanking viewers for their kind donations and admitting he has been completely ‘overwhelmed’ by the massive support.

On Friday, he explained that he had lost his phone as he explained why he might not have replied to his loved ones’ messages before thanking everyone for their donations.

He wrote: ‘Hey everyone, just a post to say I lost my phone last night. If you need me, drop me a message on here. I’m not able to access my emails either as I need my phone to verify myself.

‘Whilst I’m on here can I jus say thank you so much for all your lovely messages, posts and donations, completely overwhelmed by the response I’ve had.

‘Spent the past couple of days trying to take it all in. It’s blown my mind. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I promise I will get around to replying to all of them, it’s just taking me a while.

‘Thanks so much again. Genuinely means so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

In another post on Thursday, he wrote: ‘Just want to say a massive thank you, for all the messages of support I have had! I’m truly overwhelmed by it all and never in my life did I expect it. I had the best two weeks filming this amazing show and have truly made friends for life.

‘I will eventually get around to replying to everyone, don’t think I’m ignoring anyone. It wasn’t meant to be but I’ve come away with so much more than money.

‘Stephen Mulhern and all of the production team on the show were honestly the nicest person you’d wish to meet and I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity.’

On Deal Or No Deal, Brad revealed he was likely to have only a few years to live, but added that physicist Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with MND and yet lived for 55 years, as he tried to raise money to achieve his bucket list goals before sadly walking away with just £5.

Several people in the studio were also in tears after listening to the brave contestant’s story.

Yet Brad – who uses crutches – proved he is trying his best to embrace the condition and find a positive perspective to face it all.

The contestant played an excellent game, with many people pushing for him to score a big win.

He had a promising start on the game, as he managed to shed more blue boxes than red, while he had the massive £100,000 yet to be discovered.

The banker then called with a £12,500, with the £75,000 box still in the play.

Brad followed his mum’s advice, who encouraged him to keep playing due to his lucky streak.

But at that point things took a typically unexpected turn as Brad rejected the cash offer – revealing he was aiming at winning £75,000.

Yet the high-risk game turned out to have a harsher outcome than expected, when Brad was left with four boxes including the amounts £75,000, £5,000, £10 and £5.

When the fourth and last box revealed the highest amount that Brad was dreaming of, it left the contestant as well as viewers at home devastated.

It got worse when Brad eliminated the next box with a £5,000 amount, as he told host Stephen: ‘This is my life. I’ve always had such bad luck. Nothing changes, I should have expected this.’

He received a final offer from the banker of just £4, as Brad finished off opening his box which had only £5 all along.

Deal Or No Deal viewers were moved by Brad’s story, with several taking to X/Twitter to share their support as they were upset by the game’s outcome.

One viewer penned: ‘That was the most gut wrenching thing i’ve watched in so long… brad i love u #DealOrNoDeal.’

A second user agreed sharing their feelings: ‘#Brad #DealorNoDeal Never before have I wanted someone to win big on a TV game show, as I did today. So sad it never happened What a beautiful, funny, courageous man he is. I really hope he can achieve his bucket list X.’

A third wrote ‘Everyone after watching Brad’s game’ and shared a gif reaction saying ‘Alright I’m gonna go cry’.

‘Omg Brad, diagnosed with MND, I pray he wins big on #DealOrNoDeal @StephenMulhern @ITVX @itv,’ said another person.

Another viewer of the show run in his defence and begged: ‘#DealOrNoDeal can we please start a gofundme or something for brad ??? surely deserves it, what an incredible man.’

‘That has got to be one of the saddest Deal or No Deal’s I have seen. Poor Brad. #DealOrNoDeal,’ another one reacted.

‘Felt so sorry for Brad such a wonderful man made me cry when he said all he’s had is bad luck though his life #DealOrNoDeal,’ penned another person.

To donate to Brad’s GoFundMe, visit 


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