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Automation of business processes allows you to free up resources, timely obtain statistical data for analysis and accelerate the decision-making process, as well as reduce the company’s financial costs. In modern conditions of fierce competition and continuous multitasking mode, any organization needs this. Business digitalization is the main component of success, without which it is simply impossible to achieve high efficiency. We will discuss automation tools in this article.

Business process automation tools

From the simplest automation tools, you can select Microsoft Excel or the free Google Spreadsheet. They provide a description of the business process and customize the formulas for calculating the required indicator. It is a fairly popular way to automate sales at the initial stage, this includes control of calculations and forecasting profitability.

However, there are more complex and efficient automation systems:

  • Project management. In services, the manager issues orders and distributes them among employees. A task card is formed, which describes the desired result. The employee completes the assignment and marks it on the card. After that, the manager checks the execution and accepts the work or not. The most popular of these systems are Trello and Asana, Bitrix24.
  • Accounting programs. With their help, it is possible to visualize business processes for financial and warehouse management. The services automate the invoicing of customers, the calculation of employee salaries, the calculation of tax deductions, the preparation of documents and reports. Popular services 1C and Delovod.
  • Working time and employee management. The number of days worked and days off of the employee is displayed, you can apply for a vacation. If necessary, data on the employee’s worked hours are sent to the accounting department for automatic payroll. Some services have the ability to take screenshots of employees’ computer screens. Thus, managers receive complete information about the employment of employees during working hours. These services include Hurma, Bamboohr, Bitrix24, etc.
  • Customer base management (CRM). In the company’s database, a card is generated for each client, indicating information about the customer and the history of orders – the amount, terms of execution, the name of the product. Clients are tied to a responsible manager who negotiates and enters the results into the CRM system. Thus, after the employee leaves, all customer information is retained in the company. Such a business process is performed in Bitrix24, AmoCRM and similar services.
  • ERP software complexes. With their help, it is possible to automate all processes of a company or enterprise. Today the most popular ERP-based system is SAP. Flexibility is considered its main advantage – it easily adapts to any needs of large and medium-sized businesses. Among the disadvantages are the difficulties with implementation and settings. The development of business processes based on SAP solutions is suitable for all large organizations.
  • Bulk mailing (ESP). Automates auxiliary business processes, the most common are UniSender, Bitrix24. With the help of the service, letter templates are created in a block editor and send mailing to a list of pre-loaded contacts.

Also, CMS services can be attributed to automation systems. They facilitate the administration of an enterprise site. With it, you no longer need to write HTML codes to add a photo or video file, thanks to the CMS; all operations are carried out through the admin panel. These services include Management, Word Press and others.


Therefore, you should not turn your back on modern information technologies; adapt them to your needs. However, remember that their effectiveness depends on the person managing them.

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