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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were put in a do-or-shut position and executives began looking for ways to cut costs.

One of the first in the line for optimization was the personnel question: “How much do we need an employee who will receive calls and transfer to responsible specialists?” Business digitalization comes to the rescue in such matters.

What is business digitalization?

Digitalization is a deep business transformation that involves the use of digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase company productivity and improve customer interactions. One of the main steps of digitalization is to meet the needs of consumers, which are changing along with the development of technology, namely, the creation of a more comfortable and efficient interaction between the client and the company.

The importance of introducing digitalization

Today, more and more business leaders and entrepreneurs are realizing the need for change in their business. It is useless to fight the concept of universal digitalization – it must be accepted. Companies need to understand how it can be embedded.

This is one of the most important areas that will help make a new technological breakthrough in the global economy. With a significant reduction in costs and optimization of production processes to preserve the environment, save human, money and time resources, as well as improve the standard of living in general.

Companies that do not start digital transformation of their business today will be ineffective and simply disappear under the pressure of new market realities and more pragmatic digital competitors of tomorrow.

Most often, business digitalization takes place in 3 stages.

  • Analysis of the company, goal setting and strategy development.

First, you need to analyze all business processes and strategic assets of the company: determine the effectiveness of all its divisions, production, internal and external communications. Consider how it can be improved using digital technology.

At this stage, it is necessary to set a clear goal to which the company should come with the help of digitalization. Form an approximate strategy for achieving this goal. To minimize risks, you need to approach this very carefully and responsibly. When drawing up a strategy, remember that new technologies should not completely change the business, their main goal is to simplify business processes.

  • Introduction of digital technologies.

Once you’ve established a clear roadmap and selected the digital tools you need, you’re ready to get started. You will need time to implement new technologies, test, fix technical errors, train staff or customers in working with services. Therefore, you have to wait to see any results.

  • Analysis of the results.

After the implementation of each digital solution, it is necessary to analyze its effectiveness and make sure that it brings additional profit or any other benefit to the company, and does not harm the budget.


Business digitalization is one of the main trends, the capitalization of which has grown by 19% this year. External economic conditions only accelerated the need for implementation. If done correctly, it will lead to the creation of a business that will be resilient to any change.

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