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Every person is faced with daily financial issues. Modern programs for recording income and expenses are convenient and practical. The best financial apps are designed to facilitate the routine exercise of maintaining personal cash flows. Try downloading one of the best financial apps today!


This is one of the best financial applications. When you pass the registration process, the best financial app will save all your data in the cloud. Thus, it will help you provide access to data from any device that you use. In addition, CoinKeeper divides cash flows into several groups: accounts, goals, income, and expenses.

Accounts are the available money. Each card is reflected with an individual account. Income means cash flows coming to user accounts from one or more sources. Expenses are the total amount of spending.

CoinKeeper allows you to set a monthly spending limit for a certain category. The approach to the limit is informed by the system. Objectives are the formation of a financial flow aimed at acquiring goods with a demonstration of cumulative progress. CoinKeeper has detailed category information with a monthly summary.


This is the best financial app for smartphone owners. it is already downloaded by more than five million people. At the same time, the program’s rating is only slightly below the ideal five in the store. The main advantage of AndroMoney is its simplicity and almost intuitive operation.

The best financial app works flawlessly and has all the important features. In particular, you can:

  • Have multiple accounts (for each family member;
  • Work with any currency (the rate is calculated automatically);
  • Build graphical conclusions of information and make histograms;
  • Connect your credit cards and deposits;
  • View reports for any date;
  • Add separate transactions indicating amounts, recipients, and frequency;

The benefits of the best financial app include:

  • Availability of a web version of the best financial app for working on a computer;
  • Ability to save the database both on a memory card and in the cloud storage;
  • Convenient creation of automatic payments to track monthly expenses;
  • Password protection and backup function.

It is worth mentioning some disadvantages such as the old-fashioned design of the application and the presence of advertising. However, both problems can be solved by installing the paid pro version.


This is the best functional and fast financial application for personal finance and analysis of their operations, fixing income and expenses, and budget planning. MoneyLover’s design is one of the best in the analog software category. The main window has tabs with operations for different periods. You can switch between them by swiping. You can also search for the required reports or notifications. Separate advantages are the search for ATMs on the map and export to XLS or CSV formats.

Money Lover as the best financial application helps a user to configure the following parameters independently:

  • Program design;
  • Language;
  • Rate;
  • Categories and subcategories for expenses and income.

The only one of the best financial apps is the limitations in the free version. They imply the presence of no more than 5 devices connected to one account. There is also no unlimited number of accounts and budgets.


This is the best financial app launched by Realbyte. It is mainly focused on user control of expenses combined with transaction reports. Synchronization is possible only through the cloud. You can also save data in table format and transfer it to a memory card.

Money Manager has the advantages:

  • The design is stylish and the controls are handy. The main window has main tabs for different periods. Transactions reflect type, amount, category, account, and other manually entered information;
  • It is easier to monitor expenses by creating pie charts. The graphs are distinct and bright;
  • Transactions can be carried out in different currencies. You can add any type of asset: either it is a deposit or a loan.
  • Individual operations can be made automatic or added to favorites.

Money Manager does not have a web program but the app can be downloaded to your computer. However, you need the paid version which will also remove the restrictions on the number of accounts and remove ads.


Spendee is also one of the best multilateral financial apps on our list today. Displays expenses in the form of reports and visual charts. This application takes up a couple of tens of megabytes in memory. This is because it is quickly installed and offers a choice of the preferred currency at the time of the first launch.

The features of the best financial apps are as follows:

  • Russian-language interface;
  • Expenses are displayed in convenient infographics and diagrams;
  • Income and expenses are marked with special colors in accordance with the configured categories of transactions;
  • Notes with transactions and attach invoices and receipts in the form of photographs;
  • You can customize notifications about planned spending;
  • Displaying information on costs in a pie chart shows which categories of services and goods are the most costly for the user.

Spendee does not yet have the function to import checks and receipts from SMS messages. Another disadvantage is that there is no way to download a check and pay with a bank card from the application.

Spendee provides automatic export of expenses by card or bank account. You add cards to the application, authorize, and see the actual data on the withdrawal of funds without manual dialing.

Clarity Money

This is a personal financial application that not only keeps track of your expenses but also motivates you to save more money. Clarity Money can be a valuable tool for folks who want an easy way to see everything in one place and maintain track of their expenditure practices. It’s good for someone to know where his money goes so that they may find ways to cut the fat out of their budget.

The Clarity Money app also has other features::

  • Current expenses Identification: The app will warn you of repetitive costs, identifying potentially underused subscriptions. Clarity Money can also supply you with the necessary information to cancel these undesired expenses, depending on the retailer.
  • Prompted savings option: Goldman Sachs’s free Marcus account can be opened instantly from the application. Marcus is acknowledged to supply industry-leading savings accounts interest rates. The annual percentage return (APY) was 1,05 percent when this article was written.
  • Automated savings help: Choose a saving target for your savings account and make recurring deposits.
  • Money warnings: Set up push notifications when you are paid, if your balance goes too low, or to alert you to the forthcoming payments, whether you are on track with your typical weekly spending.

Personal Capital

This is a smart method to track and manage your personal finance with Personal Capital Investing. Now, all your accounts – bank accounts, inventories, pension funds and your investments – can be viewed in one spot. To access our financial consultants, use our pension planners tool or become an investment customer. This is more than just a portfolio tracker, it’s professional technology to assist you get financial control.

  • Account management in one place: All your accounts may be viewed in one location with personal capital. Manage on our dashboard your bank accounts, 401k, IRA, investments, stocks and even debt.
  • Cash flow tools: You may view your overall revenue and entire expenses on all of your accounts month after month using the Cash Flow graph.
  • Tracking investments: check how well your investments work with Investment Checkup tools – and how they could do better than that. Compare your existing portfolio allocation with the recommended target allocation to minimize risk and optimize returns to achieve your financial objectives.
  • Plan for retirement Create your retirement planner, manage it and predict it in a convenient location.


The old-school technique of saving loose change was modified by Acorns to merge the robo-advisor concept with a computerized economizer. Acorns rounds your purchases on connected loans or debit cards and converts it into an investment portfolio that is computer-managed.

Acorns can be a good tool to save money by themselves for folks who don’t have the discipline. Some of his better characteristics are here:

Assists in creating excellent financial customs. Americans’ money saving is famously awful. The process is automatically made by Acorns. It can assist folks who might not otherwise save and investment.

Educational, digestible content characteristics. In comparison to many investing organizations, the Acorns website utilizes fewer technical languages. For beginners, this makes it accessible. Acorns published Grow Magazine, an online website for personal finance, and included it into the Acorns app.

Single benefits offerings. Too many are listed in this section. For example, when you register for a family ($5) tier, you get a free children’s book. Some of the advantages are modest, but the feeling is wonderful.


There can be hope if you find it hard to pay your expenses on time and allocate your income to cover all of them. Prism is a budget-management tool that focuses on your monthly revenues and expenses. Prism is a solution. It helps you to manage your budget on a single platform so that your cash flow may be controlled better.
Features and Benefits

  • Tracking bill.. Prism keeps a constant watch of your expenses and sends you date reminders. You must never miss a bill because you overlooked a deadline.
  • The app assembles all revenue and spending. This comprises revenue, balance sheets and monthly expenses. You won’t have to assemble paper letters or email statements anymore, you’ll get them all on Prism at any time for a quick look. This also eliminates the need to sign up for your payment or check account status on various websites.
  • In a calendar or list, prism pulls information. This allows you to know when and when the bills are due. Each bill can be paid immediately from the app from there.
  • Syncing account. Every morning Prism syncs stories. But you can manually refresh a biller if you need to do it sooner.
  • Select the source of your bill. You can choose to pay bills on or by debit or credit card from your bank account. (At this moment, PayPal is not an option.)
  • Select the date of payment for your bill. The payment can be made immediately or a future date can be chosen. You strongly recommend that payments be scheduled for late charges and other penalties within the biller cut-off period and hours.
  • Cancelation of payment. You have 10 minutes to cancel this payment when it is sent through Prism. A refund, canceled, corrected or reversed payment cannot be made by the service.

YNAB (You Need A Budget )

When you connect your bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts to the program, you need a budget (YNAB). Unlike other budgeting applications that normally divide your expenditure on your behalf, YNAB users determine where and what they value each dollar.
Key Features:

  • Bank synching – connect all your accounts to a single location easily.
  • Going forward – real time access to all your data makes it easy for a partner to exchange funds.
  • Debt Remuneration – The tools and instructions you need to assist you to break out of your debt. Goal Tracking – Set goals and track them more quickly.
  • Detailed reporting – visual expenses and trend reports are useful to measure and enhance progress.

No matter what app you choose, remember that it’s always up to you when it comes to making decisions on how to spend your money. Be smart about it and your personal finance health will flourish with you.

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