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The following is a rundown of the top and leading Massage Therapy Services in Wollongong. To assist you with finding the best massage therapy services situated close to you in Wollongong, we set up our own rundown in light of this rating points list.

Wollongong’s Best Massage Therapy Services:

The first class massage therapy services that offers best quality massage and services are:

  • Trinacria Wellbeing Therapy
  • Lee Massage and Needle therapy
  • Thai Town Massage and Spa

Trinacria Wellbeing Therapy

Trinacria Wellbeing Therapy is experts in Sports and Medicinal massage situated in Wollongong, in the Illawarra and Sutherland, in the Sutherland Shire region. This Therapy offers proficient wellbeing services by internationally qualified and all around experienced specialist, Roberto Vita along with his group. Roberto is a certified Healing Massage Specialist and an individual from the Relationship of Massage Specialists. From an exceptionally youthful age, Roberto has been interested in how the body functions. Since moving from Italy in 2015, Roberto has had active involvement in numerous rugby association groups, soccer groups, rugby association groups and cricket crews. What’s more, he treated Olympic Competitors, like jumpers, swimmers, sprinters, hockey players. Roberto graduated with a Degree in Physiotherapy at College of Bologna in Italy in 2012. After his graduation, he worked in a game physiotherapy clinic where he grow his insight and experience to treat sport injuries in Tip top competitors.


Healing Massage, Sports Massage, Unwinding Massage, Dry Needling, Myofascial Cupping Therapy, Kinesiotaping, Stretching and Versatility Exercise, Exercise Remedy


Address: Suite 5/8 Victoria St, Wollongong NSW 2500

Telephone: (02) 4244 8971


“I saw Deny in the wake of having two or three spinal medical procedures, one resulting in a spinal combination of the C5 and C6, he was the main individual I would let touch my neck for quite a long time, he developed my trust and worked with me through my pain and nerves helping me further develop week on week. I can’t suggest Loot enough, his insight , his consideration variable and his capacity to help me through massage and cupping and with recovery beyond his consultancy rooms has been extraordinary.”- Zara Stephens

Lee Massage and Needle therapy

Lee Massage and Needle therapy are focused on providing a calming and casual setting that permits your body time to be treat and your mind break. Whether it’s medicinal massage for a games injury, needle therapy to ease pain or unwinding massage following an upsetting week at work, they give you a comprehensive way to deal with healing. With clinics arranged all through Newcastle, Sydney, The Focal Coast and Wollongong, they are focused on providing superior grade, reasonable services to their nearby networks. Their staff are pros at providing the right therapy for you; they have specialists trained in both Western and Chinese and Western-style massage strategies as well as completely qualified acupuncturists, and they offer a scope of different services. Assuming now is the right time to unwind, unwind and further develop your psychological and actual prosperity contact Lee Massage and Needle therapy to encounter their treatments for yourself.


Medicinal Massage, Needle Therapy, Profound Tissue Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Couple Massage, Sports Massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Head Massage, Aromatherapy Massage


Address: Shop N113A/200 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500

Telephone: (02) 4229 3885


“Undoubtedly the best spot to get a massage in Wollongong. The costs are sensible, the climate is serene and clean. Would definitely suggest the hot stone massage with Khun.”- Monique D

Thai Town Massage and Spa

Thai Town Massage and Spa are glad to introduce the best Thai Massage rehearses, most broadly the old Customary Thai Massage, an exceptional type of bodywork that incorporates Hatha Yoga, pressure point massage, reflexology and contemplation. Its foundations begun around 2,500 years. They have gained this training from one age to another as of recently, Thai Town Massage and Spa offers a distinctive healing workmanship that combines Conventional Thai massage procedures with spices and sweet-smelling oil which can be profoundly relaxing and is a remedy for solid strain, stress and fit. Have over 5 years’ involvement with the business of Customary Thai Massage. They have discovered that the vast majority buckle down, have occupied lives and face many burdens, they are glad that their business is important for your way of life which makes a better personal satisfaction.


Conventional Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai and Hot Oil, Unadulterated Cocoa Body Margarine Massage, Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Home grown Hot Pack Massage, Facial Massage, Body Scour and Treatment, Thai Natural Steam Room and Ear Candle


Address: 5/74 Kembla St, Wollongong NSW 2500

Telephone: (02) 4200 8546


“I get better Thai massages at this spot than elsewhere in Illawarra. Extraordinary experts here.”- Peter Filipovic.

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