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The following is a rundown of the top and leading Massage Therapy places in Sydney. To assist you with finding the best Massage Therapy situated close to you in Sydney, we set up our own rundown in view of this rating points list.

This article is refreshed each 3-4 months.

Sydney’s Best Massage Therapy:

Here are the most visited Massage Therapy places in Sydney:

  • Massage World
  • Grand Royal Thai Massage
  • Sydney Sports Massage

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Massage World

Massage World – notwithstanding our helpful massage, we offer different modalities including Needle therapy, Chinese Home grown Cures, Scraping (Gua Sha) and Cupping to upgrade your body’s normal ability to heal and improving your prosperity.

Massage World experts plan to involve different normal and viable techniques for the help of solid, delicate tissue strains and; or basically for the unwinding of the body and mind.

Use of these procedures aids a superior blood stream and sensory system capability, alleviating side effects and promoting a sound recuperation.


Helpful Massage, Aromatherapy, Healing, Swedish, Profound Tissue, Reflexology, Customary Chinese, Detox Oil, Shiatsu, Stepping Back, Sports, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage, Needle therapy, Chinese Natural Cures, Foot Spa, Scraping (Gua Sha), Cupping, Ear Coning


Address: Suite 17, Level 1, World Square/650 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9283 8810


“I made a latest possible moment appointment because of downright horrendous back pain. I emerged from a drawn out massage emphatically better, restored and smiling from the alleviation! Much obliged such a great amount to Kim for talking me through the way of life/work reasons that prompted my throbs/pains. She truly knew precisely exact thing she was doing and where to concentrate her endeavors. I genuinely am so blissful! My back pain had been impacting me adversely for the beyond couple of days. I would strongly suggest her and would return!” – Ellie Tran

Grand Royal Thai Massage

Grand Royal Thai Massage is Sydney’s best massage, situated at 100 Clarence Road, Sydney CBD. We offer relaxing and healing Thai style garden resort climate in chief CBD area, proficient massage advisors and the most reasonable costs.

Every one of their advisors are accomplished, qualified, legit, proficient, and moved on from well known Thai and Australian nature therapy universities. Your fulfillment is their main goal. 100 percent fulfillment ensured for each your visit.

Retreat yourself to the relaxing and healing Thai style vibe in the core of Sydney city. Selective and grant winning plan for absolutely de-stressing yourself.


Relaxing Thai Massage, Antiquated Thai Massage, Grand Oil Massage, Grand Profound Muscle Oil Massage, Foot Reflexology, Royal Relaxing Combination, Royal Oriental Combination, Alleviates Pressure and Strain, Revival, Unwinding, Loosens up Muscles, Oversees Pain, Fortifies Insusceptibility


Address: 100 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 8084 8800


“Phenomenal assistance and incredible massage. Exceptionally spotless and loosened up air. Pricing is exceptionally cutthroat contrasted with numerous others in the city. Enthusiastically suggested.” – Amanda See

Sydney Sports Massage

Sydney Sports Massage is explicitly intended to provide food for proficient competitors, end of the week fighters and office competitors (somebody with an injury from extreme work area work). Their exceptionally experienced Therapeutic specialists utilize a combination of medicinal, sports and profound tissue procedures to accomplish your particular result.


30 min-massage, 45 min-massage, 60-min massage, 90-min massage, full body massage. delicate tissue massage


Address: 30 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 0422 755 875


“I visited two times within seven days for assist with a shoulder injury that had deteriorated with some long stretch flights. Got additional alleviation from two hours of sports massage than a while of physio in London. Proficient and relaxing climate.” – Joanna Perry

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