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Benefits of Employee Tracking Methods

Every boss wants to know where his subordinate sits during working hours and what he does. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the most effective modern methods of monitoring personnel:

By a monitoring program, we mean software installed on a work computer and registers the actions of its user:Here are some pros of Employee Tracking Methods.

Improving the efficiency of the manager

The most obvious plus: you will always be aware of what your subordinates are doing. For example, Kickidler will display reports on the following indicators in one click:

  • The time the user was active at the computer: when he started work, when he took a break, when he returned to his duties and when he finished the day – everything is accurate to the second;
  • Activity in specific applications: which windows were open, which sites the employee visited, how much time he spent on each of them, how intensively he worked at the computer, how long he was inactive. You can easily track procrastination or, for example, surfing job sites (a sure sign that a person is about to change jobs).

All data is available both for individual specialists and for project teams, departments, or the company as a whole. Need a summary report? One-click. Are they detailing for a specific employee?

Increased productivity of subordinates

Another advantage of Employee Tracking Methods is that it is enough to notify employees that their work is being monitored, and labor efficiency will increase by 7%.

In addition, monitoring software allows managers to identify procrastinators or under-motivated employees easily. Five minutes to check the daily report, and all the problem points are already in front of your eyes. It remains to process them.

Objectivity guarantee

A very important point. Any boss, even the fairest one, always remains human. You cannot treat every one of your employees the same: there will be employees you sympathize with more than others. Yes, you probably make sure that personal attitude does not affect your decisions, but it always takes time and energy. And there is no one hundred percent certainty of impartiality.

Using monitoring software, you get accurate, reliable, and 100% objective information. Both you and your subordinates are confident in this objectivity, which allows you to make the right decisions calmly.

Collecting data required for analytics

No matter how well your people do, there are almost always ways to improve your results. For example, optimize the distribution of tasks, adjust the schedule, simplify several processes.

To notice these growth points, you need data: how much are your employees spending on a project? What tasks does a particular specialist do well, and on which ones does he stall?

All this information is collected by monitoring programs. So you have to look at the reports and pay attention to the points that can be improved.

Ability to control remote employees

2020 is over, but the trend towards “remote location” has not gone anywhere. First, no one can guarantee that there will not be a new wave in the foreseeable future. Secondly, remote workers are beneficial for many reasons – this is the expansion of the search area for headhunters, the opportunity to hire qualified specialists from the regions, and savings on the arrangement of the workplace.

At the same time, it is obvious: “remote workers” need control no less than office workers – rather, even more. Kickidler and other employee monitoring programs offer a simple solution to this problem: an employee puts an agent program on his computer. You get the same detailed information about him as about the person sitting in the next office.

Risk insurance

No matter how good people work for you, there are always certain risks. Someone carelessly handles usernames and passwords and creates a chance of confidential data leakage. Someone – assuming that the management does not see – violates the policy of communication with clients and negatively affects the company’s reputation. Someone completely harbored a grudge and is preparing to leave, selling the base to competitors. Therefore, employee Tracking Methods are essential for most people.

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