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Die casting is the process where machines pour molten metal into reusable steel molds in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industries specially design the steel molds for the specific project that they are having. Thus, this ensures that the companies get the excellent components accurately and in continuous form. Asia Die casting company uses various alloys such as magnesium, zinc, and aluminum for the process.

Advantages of die casting

When compared to other manufacturing processes, die casting has various advantages. The significant advantages the die casting process has over the other manufacturing processes include:

● The die casting process provides complex shades in significantly closer tolerances than the other production processes.

● The die castings are produced at faster and higher production rates.

● Die casting aims at providing dimensionally stable, durable parts with an appearance and feel of quality.

● The die castings are primarily monolithic. Due to their complex shape, they can combine various functions.

● The process is economical and more efficient than the other production methods. When companies use it to the maximum potential, it replaces most production processes, thus saving costs and labor requirements.

Die casting alloys

Various alloys are essential in the die-casting process. For high-quality products, the Asia Die Casting Company uses the primary alloys necessary for the process. The alloys include aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. These alloys are non-ferrous and have a great mechanical property. The features of die casting alloys have high hardness & strength properties, can withstand extreme temperatures, and they have high electrical and thermal conductivity properties. Lastly, you don’t need to be limited when choosing the die casting alloys as each alloy supplements each other.

Die casting process

Every die-casting process has a separate process that suits it. However, with the different projects, the Asia Die Casting Company offers various solutions for your die casting project or needs. Thus, this ensures that you get the proper process for the specific project you have. The following are the main types of die casting processes:

1. Hot-chamber

The process involves using zinc, then mixing them with magnesium alloys and other alloys that have a low melting property. The hot chamber process is the best option for alloys that don’t erode cylinders or metal pots.

2. Cold-chamber

The cold chamber process is the best manufacturing process for metals with higher melting points. Alloys such as aluminum can undergo the cold chamber die casting process. In the process, the metal is turned to liquid, and then the technician directs it to the cold chamber, where the hydraulic plunger pushes it into a die.

3. Injected metal assembly

Most companies use the process for small components joining in the process and for assembly production. The injected metal assembly process helps to cut down the manufacturing and production costs.


When choosing a good company for the die casting products, it’ll be essential to consider choosing a manufacturer with both multi-slide and conventional cast precision components. Asia Die casting company uses the latest technology to achieve precision components. Thus, they offer products to various industries around such as the healthcare, automotive and electronic industries.

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