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In a country where time is gold, the microwave oven is a necessity. In 2019, nearly 13.5 million units were sold in the US making the highest sales figure in years. Since we all live busy lives, the microwave oven has quickly become our best friend.

As an all-in-one kitchen appliance, it is often used to heat up or cook meals quickly. You can rely upon it for a quick, satisfying meal after a busy day. The microwave oven is a household staple and it’s hard to imagine your day without it.

If you’re planning to buy a new microwave, expect to spend anywhere between $100 to $600 on average. In general, the cost of a microwave depends on the model: countertop models cost $80 to $500, over-the-range models for $100 to $600, and built-in types for $400 to $2,000. Other factors that can affect the prices include the size, brand, and model of the unit.

But before you head out to your local appliance store, be sure to read these pro tips for buying a microwave oven.

Choose the right size

Microwave ovens come in a variety of sizes with capacities ranging between .5 cubic feet and 2.2 cubic feet. Take note that the available cooking space inside is usually 40 percent less than its actual cubic footage.

When choosing the appropriate size, you should consider several things that include the household size, the typical foods or containers you’ll be putting inside it, and your kitchen space. The larger the family size, the bigger the microwave should be. Measure your go-to cookware before picking your microwave, so you can ensure it’ll fit inside.

Touchpads models are more user-friendly

Select a microwave oven with larger, touchpad buttons for easier operation. Some models come with special buttons for other functions like pizza, popcorn, soup, or quick 30-second heating. If your existing microwave has some buttons that you frequently use, look for a new unit with similar features.

Choose a model with a push-button door handle

According to an experienced technician from Jacksonville appliance repair, the most common problems with microwaves result from improper sealing. Microwave ovens with pull handles erode the seals of the appliance causing trouble. It can also lead to minor radiation leakage. Push-button microwave ovens are less prone to these errors and tend to last longer.

Convection mode microwave oven is better

Unlike the regular microwave oven, a convection microwave oven has an interior exhaust system that distributes hot air evenly inside the unit. This feature ensures uniform and faster heating. It also gives your kitchen a classy look. The convection-mode microwave is capable of cooking a range of meals from heating pizza to baking bread to roasting chicken. It’s the all-in-one cooking appliance that you need.

Child lock for added safety

If you have kids in your household, the child lock feature is an important feature to look for. The child lock feature prevents your kids from accidentally altering the settings while it’s running. This can prevent unexpectedly burning your foods or damaging the unit.

Check the wattage

When selecting a microwave oven, you should check the wattage of the unit as this can affect its function. Microwave ovens with a lower wattage rating (700 below) tend to be cheaper but will take more time to heat foods. Ideally, you should pick a microwave oven with wattage above the 900-watt range. While these models are more expensive, they have enough power to defrost or heat foods properly.

Models with sensors for efficiency

Feature-laden microwave ovens can do so many great things. But one of the best features is the sensors which can detect the temperature of the food. Sensor-equipped microwaves cook just as long as necessary. This helps save energy and time in food preparation. It can also prevent messy microwaves, especially when meals explode when overheated.

Some microwave models feature auto-cooking capabilities. The auto-cooking presets eliminate the need to manually adjust the time and temperature for different types of foods. This innovative feature will enhance your cooking experience.

Avoid buying a microwave oven that is not suited to your cooking needs. Consider these seven professional tips when you purchase your microwave oven.

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