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Digital currency has remained debated in the media. It has helped many to win big in the market. The world has witnessed a good buzz around Cryptocurrency, and with Bitcoin soaring its price high, things have changed. As per reports, 2.3 million digital currency owners are Bitcoin. Thus, there are chances of losing money by committing mistakes. It can make you feel carried away. It is straightforward or gets away with the buzz seen around the news portals. We can see several common Cryptocurrency based mistakes, and we will be discussing standard six in this post. However, you also have the chance to explore sites like bitcoin revolution to an edge on this topic. How about checking the six ones? 

1). Buying Digital Currency due to its low cost 

The first mistake people commit while putting their money in digital currency as per their lower price ends up committing a mistake. Remember, low cost does not often showcase the right bargain in this game. You know digital coins remain too volatile, and this issue boosts the cost in a big way. Keeping an eye on the varying cost can help in making things challenging. Often, we see so many developers leaving a project that prevents getting things updated. You need to check the price of digital currency only when you are sure about other factors. 

2). Falling for Scams 

Several scams are waiting to capture people who are willing to invest in this domain. Some of these come as below: 

  • Cloud multiplier scams: In this, you get an email/text giving you an investment opportunity. These come up with tempting offers, and they give good investment choices making it a double or triple opportunity. It would help if you double checked these messages and ended up giving good deals. 
  • Spoofing: It is yet another fraud that bitcoin lovers and people investing in any digital currency face. While they invest in the store, cybercrooks are smart enough to inflate or deflate the cost of digital currency that you are targeting. Thus, people end up interested in digital coins, you end up losing everything. It is a common mistake which we need to avoid.
  • Malicious wallet software- several malicious software programs can ruin you while investing in digital coins. These apps will mislead you and recommend unknown and fake wallets on App Stores and then squeeze away all your info in no time. 
  • Fake Coins: These are unreal coins that are unknown and waiting to take you for a ride. Always research the digital coin before you invest your money in digital currency in a big way.

3). Considering all for one

It is so common when it comes to investing in digital coins or Bitcoin. A few trading platforms recommend people to bet on different types of money, and they have been betting on the same as much as possible. It is an easy way to make people poor and lose their money. However, with practical digital currency tips and tricks, it has become easy to fund and move ahead with safety. All you need is a certain amount of money to find the funds, while the rest should go to other digital coins.

4). Treating Digital Currency to be an easy money 

When it comes to making money, nothing comes for free, and you end up making huge money with the help of trading different financial assets like shares, stocks, and other financial commodities like gold or silver. But, unfortunately, anyone willing to play different roles is now playing different tricks for making digital currency mistakes.

5). Forgetting the key phrases 

You know you have to store and keep the digital currencies in different wallets. These are both the hot or the cold wallets. It means you have the choice of keeping the coins online and offline as well. Unfortunately, if you forget the key or password, you lose all your digital coins, which is not reversible. 

6). Knowing all your digital currency lingo 

Several jargons are attached to the crypto world. If you aspire to become a competent player of these coins, you need to master them all. First, there is a long list of the terminology, including tokens, limits, exchanges, shorting, ICO, Forks, Fiat, margin trading, cloud mining, sell orders, order book, and bull market, to name a few. 

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